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Explaining Ron Paul's position on the assassination of Al-Awlaki to Tea Partiers

Here's how I've tried to frame the argument when talking to fellow Tea Partiers:

We should be terrified for the day Barack Obama declares the Tea Party a terrorist organization and sends a Predator Drone to neutralize the radicalizing forces here in America...

Prominent Tea Partiers may very well be at the top of Barack Obama's list... and this killing of an America-hating American sets a dangerous precedent by saying the Obama administration can kill Americans if they think they're a radical terrorist.

Joe Biden thinks we as Tea Partiers are terrorists, he's even said it. How long until they send Predator Drones after us?

Say what you will about Biden, his opinion could be sending kill teams, not police, but teams who have no intention of taking anyone alive, to all our homes if we don't stand against setting this kind of dangerous precedent. American citizens cannot ever be targeted to be eliminated based on the unilateral decision of the administration.

When it's acceptable for the Obama administration to kill people they deem dangerous and an immediate threat to "their" America, it's people like us who top their list because we are not afraid to stand against them.

The Obama administration is a real threat to our freedom, and giving them an inch is giving them a mile. That's something to truly fear.

This is not a case of turning a minor discretion into an irrational fear, this is a case of reading into the statists' intentions.

If you're not afraid of where Obama will take this kind of policy, you seriously underestimate the very real threat of the far-left.

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A slight variation that I posted as a response on one of the neocon forums:

You're absolutely right. The government should be able to kill any one of us they want to kill. This country don't need no stinkin' due process.

Those 23 children with David Koresh and Randy Weaver's son and wife are also good examples of "terrorists" that I suppose needed to be killed without any due process. It would just be unamerican to think there should be any checks or restraints on our beloved government that keeps us safe. May it ever expand its wise oversight and control of our world. May we never hesitate to give up our liberties for the sake of the wonderful security it provides.


"Tyranny is where it's at! You've got to have tyranny to have freedom!"


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