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Video: Occupy Wall Street IS for Ron Paul Supporters

Hi, new member here! I just wanted to share this video of a passionate, intelligent Ron Paul supporter telling people the real root of the country's problem, he deserves applause and just one of us in the field is great, but for anyone having doubts about Occupy Wall Street's intentions need to look no further than this passionate soldier spreading the good Doctor's words:


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Ron Paul supporters should be

Ron Paul supporters should be wary
It has been the contention of a few supposedly liberty-minded activists here in NH that this “Occupy Wall Street” movement shares issues of concern to the tea party. Some have even foolishly joined in with the Occupy New Hampshire’s ‘General Assemblies’ (a communist term in and of itself) to plan for demonstrations here in this state…
In short these protesters don’t seem to understand that the very nature of some of OWS demands, such as housing for all and free college tuition, are what brought us down in the first place.
While there have been a few instances where protesters have been seen touting legitimate issues such as opposition to crony capitalism, corporatism, and the corruption and illegitimacy of the Federal Reserve, make no mistake about it — this is purely a communist, world government-inspired, “astroturfed” movement, funded and promoted by the usual suspects. Obama loves it.
The list… thanks to this article in The Blaze, reveals all:
- The Working Families Party was established in the 90s by key members of the the socialist organizations The New Party, ACORN, SEIU, and a coalition of other labor unions and community organizations.
- Patrick Gaspard, the current executive director of the DNC, former director of Obama’s Office of Political Affairs, was an organizer for the New Party, the executive vice president of the SEIU Local 1199, political director for Bertha Lewis (the former president of ACORN) and a co-chair of the Working Families Party.
- The New Partyis a socialist political coalition co-founded in 1992 by academic and political activist Joel Rogers.
- The first strategic meetings to plan the New Party were held in Joel Rogers’ Madison, Wisconsin home; Wade Rathke, ACORN and SEIU founder and Gerry Hudson from Democratic Socialists of America and SEIU were in attendance at those meetings.
- The New Party’s influential Chicago chapter began to formed in January 1995. Its members consisted mainly of individuals from ACORN, SEIU and the Democratic Socialists of America. Obama attended a New Party function and received their endorsement in 1995.
- In 1994, a New Party newspaper listed more than 100 activists “who are building the NP;” some names among the list of 100 were Noam Chomsky, Frances Fox Piven, Wade Rathke, Cornel West, Jon Barton of SEIU, Maude Hurd of ACORN and Margaret Shelleda of SEIU.
- Gerry Hudson, SEIU Executive Vice President and original New Party member, serves on the board of the Apollo Alliance organized by Joel Rogers’ group COWS Center on Wisconsin Strategy. The Alliance is a project of the Tides Center. Harry Reid credited the Apollo Alliance with helping to write the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.
- Some Hispanics were paid to be present at the OWS rallies to make it look inclusive. Who paid them?
- George Soros’ Open Society Institute is a major source of money behind the Apollo Alliance and the Tides Foundation. Soros is a convicted international criminal of the financial kind… just what these protesters are supposed to hate.
- Meet the Obama link to Wall Street terror and see how his apologetic stance on the riots could turn them even more violent.
Indeed, pre-printed signs don’t just appear, someone has to pay for printing them…
Planning for a “global socialist revolution” was being done already, per this video. What these people want is a totalitarian government to enforce their ‘demands’. And they have already stated they would like to “kill and eat the rich” and put people who won’t let capitalism go into “re-education camps”, and re-elect Obama, despite the fact that Obama continues to be the politician who receives the most money from Wall Street.

In the following video see Frances Fox Piven and Fellow Professors Indoctrinating College Students at CUNY To Get Involved and Be Ready for Violent Street Battles and Breaking Down Capitalism…




"Either OWS protestors are

"Either OWS protestors are too clueless to comprehend basics such as the following truism: The US was founded as a "Republic," NOT a "Democracy."

A "Democracy" creates tyranny of the majority and does NOT recognize minorities, whereas a "Republic" recognizes minorities.

Or OWS was created and is being funded by the very enties, the international banksters who the protestors are supposedly protesting against, to polarize and create chaos -- in other words, CONTROLLED OPPOSITION."

"One group of about ten

"One group of about ten Hispanic protesters marched behind a Caucasian individual from the DC Tenants Advocacy Coalition, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting rent control in Washington, DC. Asked why they were there, some Hispanic protesters holding up English protest signs could not articulate what their signs said...DC asked that organizer whether he was paying the group to attend the protest, and he conceded that some protesters aren't volunteers.

---Daily Caller 6 Oct 2011

Great WB7 art

Those who follow ZeroHedge are familiar with WmBanzai7's Visual Combat. Great piece here


more about William Banzai7 at zerohedge.com

wb7's blog

flicker photostream

He Explains:

Destroy the image and you will break the enemy." --Shaolin Monk from "Enter The Dragon"

You know who I am. You're just like me.

You come from anywhere USA.

You are sick and tired of the people who have hijacked your country and are busy foreclosing on your hopes and dreams.

Each of us has our own weapon of choice. Visual Combat is my fighting style and your outrage is my preferred weapon.

Art that strikes back!


who is

voting down clever subversive art work?

And why?

hard to say

if they are attacking the art, the artist, the message, or the messenger. but there are some Grumpy folks "agin it".

Some of our people have Joined them and

have started going to their meetings and speaking up. It's a great thing.

Find the things we can agree upon and build from there!

Seriously! LMAO!

DAARPA scum! Lol This does not faze me but I am surprised how afraid some of the RP supporters seem to be on this message board. Look! We should be excited! People are finally mad about something. We can go to these #OWS events and spread our message of Liberty to masses of people who don't know where they stand and just feel they got to protest something! A #OWS is happening in my city...

I'm going down there, just like I went to the Union protests when they happened last Winter...here is some of my video.....

I am not afraid to mix it up with these people and tell them the truth in love. And for those who try and silence me I'm a put it on them like this Baptist preacher....YEAH!

I am deep in Marxist territory here in Madison, WI and I am putting in work for liberty! It don't stop!!

Our message is popular cuz freedom is popular.......I'm taking the biggest RonPaul poster I can find and try to find some common ground and educate every one I can. These people are not our enemy.

Partnership for Civil

Justice Fund has just filed a class action lawsuit for the Oct. 1 Brooklyn Bridge mass arrest

O.P.O.G.G. - Fighting the attempted devolution of the rEVOLution
Ron Paul 2012...and beyond

I don't have a problem with

I don't have a problem with Ron Paul supporters going to these rallies to educate people, but let's be realistic with our expectations. To think that we're going to mold this movement into a libertarian platform is a bit naive. Most (not all, but most) of these people are leftists who are anti-capitalist, anti-free market, and pro-big government. That's the truth. If people can get some of them to see what the real problems are, that's great. But this movement as a whole has very different goals than Ron Paul does. Keep that in mind.

You are wrong.

Most are broke, angry Americans who want to hear solutions. Sitting home labeling this REVOLUTION a communist plot is PATHETIC. There are already Ron Paul supporters at all these events and they have been well received. The far right nutbags who need their illegal wars for profit and religious reasons want this movement fractured for obvious reasons. Get involved.

Ron Paul on Occupy Wall Street:
“But I think that the majority of them think government is the problem and taxes are too high and they know that the Federal Reserve plays a role in this, which, of course, is something I agree with.”

There you go again hypocrite.

There you go again hypocrite. It's us vs. the far right. Yet you have the nerve to accuse others of divide and conquer (and the left seems to be by and large ok with war these days as long as Obama's doing it). I realize these people have legitimate grievances. Their answers generally are not something I agree with. I realize there are some RP supporters educating. If they can see the real problems, great. If they insist on big-government solutions to big-government problems, I won't support it.

you are missing the point.

the movement is fluid and taking shape. NOW is the time to be involved. Our Founders had the balls to get involved and they helped, individually, shape the future of this country. Now get up and do something!

Ron Paul on Occupy Wall Street:
“But I think that the majority of them think government is the problem and taxes are too high and they know that the Federal Reserve plays a role in this, which, of course, is something I agree with.”

Getting involved doesn't

Getting involved doesn't necessarily mean we have to get involved with OWS. If they wanna join the cause of liberty great, I'm all for converting. While I think some individuals in the movement may be receptive, I don't think it's realistic to turn this entire movement into a libertarian one.

Once again, The Occupy Movement is a fluid

movement and it has created an environment for Americans to discuss what happened and where we want to go. There are speakers all day at the protest sites. This so clear. It is taking shape now and God Bless the Ron Paul supporters that are part of the movement helping educate Americans.

Ron Paul on Occupy Wall Street:
“But I think that the majority of them think government is the problem and taxes are too high and they know that the Federal Reserve plays a role in this, which, of course, is something I agree with.”

Billy Jack's picture

That's now 2 NEW Members of

That's now 2 NEW Members of Daily Paul urging RP Supporters to join the debacle of OWS.

I presume you, too are DARPA scum. "Your [tactics] are no good here, Mr. Torrance."

Cos Cob, CT

Did you just call me "scum"?

The owner of this website has also encouraged you to "stand down" from the ridiculous "communist" accusation and join the process of shaping the movement. Is he also "scum"?

Ron Paul on Occupy Wall Street:
“But I think that the majority of them think government is the problem and taxes are too high and they know that the Federal Reserve plays a role in this, which, of course, is something I agree with.”

Having a hard time getting the hang of this posting thing!

I saw this video on Youtube and was really inspired. I live in Madison, WI one of the most liberal, progressive, socialistic minded cities in the U.S. and I am surrounded every day by Obama supporters, union teamsters and flat out Marxists. But I am spreading the message of Liberty and it is easy, especially to people who have never heard it. You won't believe how many Obama supporters have switched to Dr. Paul supporters just because you spread the message just like this young man was doing. You can look at this two ways my friends, you can be the shoe salesman who is discouraged and pessimistic because where his company sent him in that country nobody wears shoes, so you go home. Or.......you can be the shoe salesman that gets excited cuz nobody wears shoes and everybody is a potential customer. This #OWS protest is ripe for those of us wanting to make big profits in selling shoes. The organizers maybe full blown marxists but the people are just sheep looking for a shepard. It could be us. Lets do this!!!

Signing off from deep in socialist territory doing work for Liberty......

Madison to Bay Area

I was born and raised in Madison and now live in Oakland, CA. I can second your point, but I would even say that in some ways Madison is more liberal than the bay area! The diversity and immigrant populations here mix things up, while Madison is politically like a super-liberal tumor on a corrupt, democratic Chicago ;O

From the heart of the beast-


...somebody as well-educated as the young man here, get out there in the middle of that crowd and interview some people and You Tube it for us...

It's TWO groups, the media would have us believe are ONE - 1) Occupy! and 2)Ron Paul supporters!

They will try to marry the two and paint us as marxists(like the anti-war protesters of the late 1960's)!!!

We, in this campaign, are predominately about INDIVIDUALISM; to each his own, no matter what his/her level of education or understanding in this country...we are not collectivists, we do not like being demeaned or painted with a collectivist brush; we are the STRONGEST argumentatively because of the self-education throughout the movement, and that makes us a thorn-in-their-side!!!

So, individual liberty, LESS GOVERNMENT, respect for the Rule of (constitutional) Law(s), and ultimate respect and protection for personal and property rights...NO central planning, from the left or right!

Please, if available, get to the protests and and questions; make them respond - treat them all equally like individuals, and school them on how we support End the Fed, end the welfare/warfare state, and re-institute sound money without socialist big government solutions...let's separate the sheep from the goats...this kid in the video above stands alone; but, he does need to "pick a side", Ron Paul, or Michael Moore's camp!

We don't trust anyone and everyone that comes our way blindly; nor do we shun them outright...but we do inform...and persuade...with THEIR best interests in mind, not our own, and not with a Neo-Con "winning is everything" attitude...we are building a Liberty movement here, not idolizing Ron Paul, or planning on punishing anyone for taking this country the wrong direction...just replacing them!

Ron Paul supporters are already part of

the "occupy" movement. Have been for WEEKS. Occupying FEDs around the country. The train has left the station.

Ron Paul on Occupy Wall Street:
“But I think that the majority of them think government is the problem and taxes are too high and they know that the Federal Reserve plays a role in this, which, of course, is something I agree with.”

If that were the case

It would have been posted front page on this site WEEKS ago.



it should have.

Ron Paul on Occupy Wall Street:
“But I think that the majority of them think government is the problem and taxes are too high and they know that the Federal Reserve plays a role in this, which, of course, is something I agree with.”

From the owner of this website concerning "occupy" movement.

"Like the GOP and the tea party. It depends on what you fill them with.

Whoever says they're communist operations and stay away - stand down.

These are the masses. Like it or not, these are the people we need to convert.

You think we're going to win by jacking off together here at the Daily Paul? Get real.

The movement needs to EXPAND. Go forth and multiply.

Check back here ONLY to let us know what works, then keep doing it." Michael Nystrom

Ron Paul on Occupy Wall Street:
“But I think that the majority of them think government is the problem and taxes are too high and they know that the Federal Reserve plays a role in this, which, of course, is something I agree with.”

I couldn't agree more

Now there is a guy that makes sense! There's a couple in here that seem to want to divide and run new members off more than anything else...

"If ever time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin."
Samuel Adams

One person

Doesn't stand one second in the mob of leftist and Obama supporters who fill this movement with their ideals.

This video is proof that these "Higher educated-Under employed" morons (Yes, they're morons) are nothing more than a gaggle of government force equals equality gobble geeks.


Ask them all at Occupy if

they are voting for Ron Paul . Listen to their answer.

CCTV News shows Occupy! marchers with Ron Paul signs.

Just saw it a few minutes ago. coverage was positive. said that the movement was spreading.