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Welcome To Credit Collapse 2011

Welcome To Credit Collapse 2011
by TickerGuy Featured Host

It's here, and it's now. We're days - maybe hours - from another credit lockup.
I hope you're prepared... but if you're not, let's channel our anger constructively. We'll go over it all in 30 minutes or less.


Here is my comment I left on FB

I have faithfully carried out my duty. I have warned you my friends for almost two years on FaceBook to prepare for the coming economic and social collapse. 2008 was a walk in the park to what we are about to experience ... WELCOME TO THE COLLAPSE OF 2011 !!!!!

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Thanks for the video. Sent

Thanks for the video. Sent to all my family members, just in case he's right. I don't see how he isn't. The banks are getting rocked in a similar fashion to 08..

This time, there's no money or political will to bail anything out. Depression or massive inflation? Take your pick! :(

I hate saying this, but if we do lose thousands over the next few months in the DOW and the markets in general it will help Ron Paul. When people get SCARED about us entering a depression, who do you think they'll listen to and care about? Do you think they'll care about Jersey Shore or how good Mitt Romney's hair looks? Do you think they'll care about our NEED to police the world when they and their family members lose their jobs? NO, THEY WONT.

I doubt

we're close to credit freezing up the way it did in 2008. Banks were not well capitalized then, but they are now. The Fed has record amounts on deposit. Banks are sitting on tons of capital, but they're scared to lend it.

They are NOT scared to lend.

No one wants it. It's the day of ; you can't buy or sell without a number. SALES TAX.

Because no one wants it. The only place to get revenue is from already owned assets. The only thing marketable.
Don't you want the 9-9-9 plan? It begins in the healthcare bill.
They do.
And you though Herman was for real.

I didn't mean

they're so scared that they never lend. I mean criteria for lending is much stricter now. Before the bubble burst banks were too loose with lending practices, allowing people to even lie on applications. Now the pendulum has swung back the other way, and they want high credit scores and higher down payments, etc.

I agree people are hesitant to borrow too. That's the other side of the coin. It takes willing lender and borrower, and right now both are cautious.