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The Greatest Opportunity We May Have To Bring People to Ron Paul

Today I went into Boston for my guitar lesson after my classes, and not very far from it was the #OCCUPYBOSTON protests. I decided that as a politically active college student it would be worth my time to check it out. I had seen mixed views about the movement here, and whether or not it would be open to Ron Paul, and let me tell you this: Anyone here who doesn't think these people will stand with us, or that we shouldn't stand with them is wrong.

I wore a "Ron Paul is my Homeboy" shirt, and I got many compliments on it, thumbs up and the like. In fact I saw more Ron Paul supporters today than I have in my entire life, and everyone there, be they left right, libertarian or socialist all were uniting against the evils of the Federal Reserve and corporatism.

They are still developing what their goals are, and it seems really unclear at this point, but I can tell you it is safe to say that from my experiences these people have a lot in common with us, and are fighting the same fight. I feel we should unite with these people, and help them, because they're fighting the very same fight we're all fighting here.

On a side note if further motivation to help the cause of liberty is not enough - I met another college student - an avid Ron Paul supporter who also was about asking people questions and conversing with them who was arguably one of the prettiest girls I've seen.

I welcome any questions.


I gave the dailypaul a few shout outs in a few interviews people had with me. Hopefully some more people find out about Ron Paul, and the liberty movement because of this.

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I've also noticed..

The girls that dig Ron Paul are usually attractive.

We all knew this day would come.

We all knew that when the economy got bad enough, people would take to the streets.

These people are our neighbors and friends and family and coworkers.

We should be right there with them trying to influence the discussion for what we believe in.

And don't tell me, that we don't have common ground.

Occupy Wall Street wants to END THE FED, and stop militarism for empire.

That is common ground that I can agree with.

If OWS does not ebrace the right, then the movement will go no where, and they will not be the 99%, they will just be the 49 1/2 percent fighting against the other 49 1/2 percent.

But they can't embrace us, if we are not there.

We have an opportunity to educate.

We have an opportunity to promote Dr. Paul's message of sound money and non-interventionism.

The plan all along has been

The plan all along has been to collapse the currency and create a workers paradise.

Look at the organizer at the end of the token "ron paul supporter" in the other video.

"You're a nationalist". You don't believe in helping (the world's) poor people". Everyone that wants to march against the police over here!

That's the whole game plan. Collapse the currency because all the world's wealth should be socialized. They've been at this almost 70 years, and are very close to see their plans fulfilled - (so they think).

We've got one good shot at this. Elect Ron Paul as president.

And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.

Anyone going to the cleveland

Anyone going to the cleveland federal reserve branch this friday. I live in west virginia and am considering going.

Meanwhile, at Occupy Dallas

People are organizing for Occupy Dallas later this week. I popped into the chat room for a while to see what's going on and give my input.

The general consensus there seems to be that they don't actually want to focus on any particular issue, in order to get as many as people involved as possible. Huge mistake in my opinion.

They do plan on ending the march in front of the Dallas Fed, and that's a move in the right direction. Hopefully they can join forces with Alex Jones on Friday, but I'm afraid the AJ crowd is a bit extreme in the way they get their message across, and the Lefties w/ Occupy will likely take offense due to lack of understanding the issues.

I will be attending - both events.

I think I'm going to make 'End the Fed' my opening talking point, with a dash of separation of Biz and State. This is something I think Libs can relate to, and will be a great way to ease people into RP and the message of liberty.

This is a opportunity to connect with people that would other wise never be exposed to the idea of liberty and private property rights. Neglecting to take advantage of this opportunity would be a huge mistake in my opinion.

If anyone needs a ride from Fort Worth or surrounding areas, or would like to join the Ron Paul initiative, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me!

EDIT: To the people who are afraid of being associated with the wrong people in the MSM...

I agree, there is a risk, but I won't actually be sporting an RP gear or signs. I think it will just alienate this crowd since they're so caught up in the Left/Right paradigm. I'll instead be focusing on informing people on the issues, and then slide Ron in at the end of my pitch.

I will be there. just to show support, and do what I can.

I will send you a private message.

Start calling it occupy the

Start calling it occupy the federal reserve to confuse things.

Wall street only exists in one city. They can be turned to protesting the federal reserve in all the others.

But this will cost Ron Paul the election, since it isn't about electing Ron Paul. Only 3 months to do things the right way.

And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.

I love how my post is marked

I love how my post is marked down for calling for electing Ron Paul, or turning occupy towards the federal reserve.

We've been *flooded* with leftist agitators. I noticed it the other day before this, and its gotten worse.

And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.

I Concur

Colorado Springs is hosting bi-daily protests in our downtown park everyday at 12 and 7PM. Today I attended both. I will return.

There was lots of righteous indignation but also lots of confusion as to the nature of what it is we're fighting for, i.e. individual liberty, equality before the law, property rights, ending the Fed, sound money, etc.

I had conversations with avid socialists in which I was able to pacify their anger at "capitalism" and demonstrate through objective reasoning how respect for property rights and contracts leads to far greater prosperity, peace and social justice than any centrally planned economy. I diffused an advocate of the labor theory of value, and got him to accept that the Austrian theory made more sense than Marx's.

They listened. Most agreed. 80% were pro Ron Paul. They wanted me to come back to speak again.

This is a leaderless movement fueled by anger and fear. We of the Liberty Movement are the natural officers to direct these people against the real foes of liberty and prescribe the real solutions for this country's ailments (competition in currency, ending the Fed, returning to Constitutional government,electing Ron Paul, etc).

Stop complaining that they're not preaching a free market gospel and go educate them.

Be the 100th monkey.

There is no higher end than the total liberation of the human being: mind, body and spirit.

If you think this is

If you think this is leaderless, you haven't studied much.

And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.

I think that is great what

I think that is great what you are doing. I think its important for Paul supporters to get to those places and educate. The Wall street one has lectures at certain times by some economics professor. Well anyone is allowed to stand on a box and teach people!

I think END THE FED is our best angle.

If there is one uniting message for this movement it would seem to be financial based and a hatred for the elite. That's the FED! They're at the top of the food chain when it comes to that.

I wouldn't even mention Ron Paul because you instantly turn off those stuck in the left vs. right mindset. Besides, once they learn about the fed, their history and what they're all about, they'll soon become Ron Paul fanatics. Heck, my personal research of the fed is what led me to Ron Paul.

If men are good, you don't need government; if men are evil or ambivalent, you don't dare have one.

Yes, but if you want Ron Paul

Yes, but if you want Ron Paul to be elected, you have to be at events that you can mention him...

3 months until primaries. This should kill our movement.

And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.

Again, I respectfully disagree.

I won't repeat everything I replied to in my last response.

However, to summarize... As you say, time is short and therefore more reason not to get into an uphill battle. Our cause is more about the message of liberty than it is getting Ron Paul elected president. And believe me, no one wants to see RP become president more than me.

Therefore, absolutely go nuts trying to turn conservatives over to Ron Paul. But for liberals protesting the economy push END THE FED. Because you're not going to get them to vote Ron Paul in the primaries - it's just not going to happen in that time-frame. But we can use this opportunity to our advantage by laying the groundwork for liberty through END THE FED.

If men are good, you don't need government; if men are evil or ambivalent, you don't dare have one.


I'm in Cambridge. I may have to go over and check it out!

We should organize a group of

We should organize a group of us to go together

You'll never take me pot o' gold... or my freedoms! Ron Paul 2012!

Count me in.

I been there on and off all week. There is an End the Fed rally this Saturday to coincide with Occupy Boston. I don't have all the details but you can email me at occupyboston4ever@gmail.com and I will tell you more when I know when and where.

and check out my Occupy Boston videos:


Boston Occupy

I was there last night and will be back Thursday.
took a little video
I participated in the General assembly.
It was beautiful example of Democracy in action.
End the Fed this Friday all day and night.
We CAN find a common ground here.
Just more bees stinging away at the beast.
let's make honey with these folk

All protests do is give an

All protests do is give an excuse for governments to unleash violence... They don't create any real change.

The Ron Paul revolution is much smarter than just noise... We are getting politically involved at the local, state, and federal government so we can actually unwind all of the unconstitutional laws and restore our Republic. Standing and chanting slogans won't unwind any unconstitutional laws.

Plus, I think the Ron Paul supporters that attend these rallies will be made fun of by Fox News... and no matter how much you dislike it, the registered Republican base (the people that will choose the Republican nominee)won't like it. I know I know, those Republican voters have a lot to learn when it comes to real conservatism, but unfortunately they are the ones that have the power to put Ron on the stage with Obama.

I really don't think any of us should be at those rallies. Go to the Tea Party rallies instead because those are the people that will vote for the Republican nominees. Those uneducated socialists and communists will vote for Obama are probably won't even vote at all...

Did the founding fathers only

Did the founding fathers only want specific groups of people to bring about change? Every person in the depths of their heart has love for liberty, some just have a different understanding than you and I. These people are protesting the federal reserve, and agree with us on many things. It would be a shame to not stand by them. You don't win by preaching to the choir, you win by winning over the hearts of others with compassion, and understanding.

I also +1ed you without reading what you had said. I believe this is a great opportunity for us, and these people are with us, and many of the case are Ron Paul advocates.

You'll never take me pot o' gold... or my freedoms! Ron Paul 2012!

I get your point

But the people at those rallies would rather bite into a cyanide pill than register Republican to vote for Ron Paul.

I'm looking at it in terms of strategy... Strategy to get Ron elected by the REPUBLICAN voters as the REPUBLICAN presidential nominee.

I don't see how trying to educate hardcore socialists and communists will get Ron elected. Now off course I know Ron's campaign is more about spreading the message than anything else but I'd like to actually win this one. I actually think Ron has a real chance of winning this race, but only if we do it smart.

We should take a page from his son Rand's election... Rand didn't try to appeal to Democrats. He understood that in order to win the race he needs to target the Republican voters. Rand was smart about it and he won.

We need to be smart about it too and stay focused on our target audience: Republican voters. Period.

That isn't true though. Out

That isn't true though. Out of all the people I spoke to most felt favorable to Ron Paul. Most people will fight for him because he fights for us.

There were some who would disagree with most of our principles, but that doesn't mean we should stay clear of this. If we avoid every possible opportunity for growth where does it leave us? The majority of people there felt that the federal reserve is one of the biggest problems facing this country, and I think that alone unites them with us.

What movement grows without winning over the hearts of others who may think a little differently? None. The fact is most of us didn't agree with these ideas until we learned about them in one way or another. This is no different, and I stand by my decision to try to bring these people to the liberty movement. Quite frankly I'm not too concerned with impressing neoconservatives anyways.

You'll never take me pot o' gold... or my freedoms! Ron Paul 2012!

You only have two months or

You only have two months or less to get people registered Republican to vote for Ron Paul.

Bring me back a list of names you got registered to vote for Ron Paul at such an event, and I'll believe it.

And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.

Like I said, I get your point

Like I said, I get your point but it won't get Ron Paul elected.

Will it expand our message? Yes.

Will it get Ron Paul elected? No and it will hurt his chances especially if the news media catches on to it...

Would we have a better chance of electing Ron if we tried to convert people ONLY in the Republican party? Absolutely yes.

It's common sense man...

i agree. I was a naive

i agree. I was a naive neo-con on foreign policy till I learned that there is another way. Too much propaganda can do that to ya. Im glad I chose to read "The Revolution: A Manifesto" back when it released.

Thinking back, I remember it in Barnes & Nobles on the "look at me table" Side by side to Obama's "Audacity of Hope".

similar experience

A few weeks ago I attended a weekend-long music festival mostly populated with what I would describe as modern deadheads. Skeptics on this forum should be reminded Ron Paul is a "**cool** Republican" - not a "Bush Republican".

I unloaded 100 bumper stickers and 30 koozies free for the asking in less than 4 hours. Most of the people would, if judged by appearance alone, would be described as "liberal" "hippie" by many Republican on this forum and in the general population.


"Anyone here who doesn't think these people will stand with us, or that we shouldn't stand with them is wrong"

Wanna bet? It sounds like you had a good experience, and I'm happy for you, but mine was pretty much the opposite of yours.

I've already been to Occupy Boston twice, and it did NOT go well either time. I won't comment on my experiences again, since I have several times already in other threads.

Although I did see Ron Paul supporters at the Fed today, which was great. But for every one I saw, I saw five who were saying that Capitalism was the problem. Hopefully the RP supporters there had better luck educating the others than I did, because nothing I said seemed to sink in.

Having some common ground (ending the wars, etc.) is nice and all, but to say that Capitalism is the problem, and to think that Democrats (including Obama) are going to swoop down and save us all from the evil corporatist Republicans is ridiculous, and that was pretty much the mindset I was met with.


Look, I agree that people should try educating these protestors, but a lot just seem to be stuck in their current mindset and don't really care to listen about anything concerning the economy.

I dunno, maybe the past two days has just soured me on this whole coalition building idea.

A signature used to be here!

They are mistaking capitalism

They are mistaking capitalism for corporatism as many people do.. if you can simply explain to them that there is a difference you'll discover they stand with us.

You'll never take me pot o' gold... or my freedoms! Ron Paul 2012!

While many do make that mistake

which unfortunately, is a common one, it didn't seem to matter much to the people I encountered.

I explained that it's not corporations or *true* capitalism (which this country hasn't seen in quite some time) that are doing this to the economy, but the government that protects a certain few, and of course the Federal Reserve. At least some agreed that the Fed is indeed a very big problem.

Many suggested even MORE regulations, and I explained that all this is selectively enforced, and how this and ever-increasing taxes hurt small business and only serves to eliminate competition. Many kept insisting that "it's the government's job" to see over the economy, and kept telling me it's all the big bad Republicans' fault.

Then of course, I pointed out frauds like Gore, Pelosi, etc. and it was mostly shrugged off, though not by everyone.

Ending the wars was something most people agreed with, but that's no surprise.

EDIT: Like I said, if RP supporters think they can get some of these people away from big gov love, then great, but a lot of the ones I talked to seemed to think that the government should control just about everything.

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Dec 16th lets take the Tea Party back. Ron Paul supporters started it. Lets shape the message and raise $10M for Ron a week or so before Xmas and six weeks before the first primary.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul