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*Possible Free Charter Bus from Pittsburgh to Vote for Ron Paul in Value Voters Straw Poll, Sat. in D.C.*

The following message is from Bill Faust, a Philadelphia area Campaign For Liberty/Ron Paul organizer:

Ron Paul 2012 - Value Voters Summit & Straw Poll - Sat., Oct. 8th - Washington D.C.

Yo, Pittsburgh and nearby environs. Ron Paul is urgently asking area supporters to attend and vote in this straw poll. Details are below. Buy a $10 event ticket, or get one for free (see Tickets below) if that cost is a burden. The campaign will transport you, at its cost, via charter bus to and from Washington. You just need to show up. This would be a pretty early bus as Ron's speech is at 9 am. Event breakfast and lunch (http://www.valuesvotersummit.org/schedule) are not included and would be at your cost, or you may dine separately at lesser cost in the hotel with friends.

Bus logistics are being developed. Were your area to be able to muster about 55 people, you'll get your own bus. If not, but still enough, the bus would probably route toward and pick up additional passengers in Harrisburg and York before heading down I-83 to Washington. Either way, it's an early bus. Rise and shine!

Right now we need a head count to develop logistics; bus loading places and times. If you are a definite attendee or a "solid probably," please email me at williamfaust234 @ comcast.net. Include your name and a phone number as this would be useful on the day of departure. GET ANOTHER PERSON TO LIKEWISE COMMIT to going with you.

Who: Ron Paul supporters in PA, DE & South NJ

What: Value Voters Summit & Straw Poll

When: Sat., Oct. 8th

Where: Omni Shoreham Hotel, Washington, D.C.

Transportation: Free round-trip chartered bus or buses - let's fill them up

Depart: To Be Determined from Pittsburgh, for 8:30 am arrival in Washington

Poll Voting: 7am to 1 pm

Ron Speech: 9 am

Ron Meet-and-Greet: 11 am

Tickets: Here (URL: http://www.ronpaul2012.com/rsvp-value-voters-summit-and-stra...). If you cannot afford the $10, but would otherwise go, scroll down to see the email address and phone number for Rachel Kania. She'll take care of you.

Ron's straw poll vote at this event is extremely important. This is the religious and social conservative crowd. A good outcome has the capacity to affect the Iowa Caucus. Our areas are all reasonably close to Washington. Let's go.

This event is considered more conservative than CPAC. The goal here is not merely to win, but to also win some respect for Dr. Paul and his campaign. Ron specifically asked us to "dress appropriately." Inside the beltway, at events like this, for men that means a jacket and tie, but a long sleeve shirt with tie and nice slacks and dress shoes minimally, if you don't have a suit or sport jacket. Dresses, skirts or nice slacks for ladies (they always look wonderful). Leave peripheral issues behind; the issue is Ron's 2012 campaign and winning the straw poll at this event.

Bill Faust

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Wish I was in the area.

Wish I was in the area.

And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.