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How to Get Democrats to Vote for Ron Paul in the GOP Primaries

I have been testing a theory to get people to switch parties and vote for Ron Paul in the GOP Primary.

I totally down play him, but I stress the fact that Obama is in trouble and they need to be registering as a Republican and voting in the GOP primary for someone that they think Obama can easily beat.

As we have a shared goal to defeat the neocons, I stress that:

"Pennsylvania and North Carolina are playing musical chairs with voting districts. Florida and Ohio are in serious jeopardy and at best, wildly unpredictable. Colorado, Nevada, and even Washington are more right leaning everyday. Virginia was gone long ago from the Obama camp. Besides, wouldn't the debates be much more fun? Your guy should be able to win that one hands down right?"

It seems to be working as people sense their candidate in trouble. Selecting an opponent that you think your candidate can beat in primaries has long been a campaign strategy.

So far, the response has been positive in general and it could help accomplish a short term goal.

Of course my true goal is to get a head to head matchup and outside of the GOP and get Dr. Paul on the national stage where he is sure to win.

Next time you get vehement objections to Dr. Paul try this approach.

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He is, after all, "unelectable" right? Just go to Mainstream Media for the proof.

Democrats did this in Michigan in 2000 against Bush, specifically saying they were going back to Gore for the general election. It worked. (the maverick of the day McCain won)

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