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Occupy Wall Street and the next debate

There is a slight possibility that Occupy Wallstreet can be mentioned at the next debate, if so I think this can be a perfect opportunity for Dr. Paul.

Ron can mention that the people want the special interests out of politics- and the perfect point can be made that Ron Pauls campaign funds are from individual donors and differs from Perry and Romney who are already bought by the corporations.

He should challenge the voters to do their research and see who the corporate money is going to. He should also tell them whoever that money is going to they should vote the opposite--- in this case RON PAUL..

How do we get this to his campaign as an important point to mention-- people are coming to a tipping point.

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add the drone strike to that

and u have 2 questions hand made for Ron.
he should be prepared well for these two points.

Dr.Ron Paul's 2002 Predictions

Of course they will

try and link Ron Paul to the protestors on Wall Street...after the MSM have effectively convinced people that all of them protestors are hooligans, marxist, communist, terrorist etc....

Of course they won't ask Mitt-Witt about this...because he hoping to go to work for them real soon!


he can turn it around with the talking points i provided. Most americans are sick and tired of the same corporatism -

we already know they are going to ask him about the assassination comment


ron paul used this exact donation argument on Cspan today and on the Dylan Ratigan show. Good job