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OWS vs Tea Party Civil War Being Created

The Bankster Media took the tea party events organized by Ron Paul supporters and whipped a bunch of Fox/Beck types into a nicely controlled group of minions they can now activate into large scale protests. The Occupy Wall Street movement, regardless of how it was originally started, will likely be taken over and controlled in a similar fashion. It will not be surprising if they next start "reporting" growing rivalry between the two groups. If they can get the two groups hating each other, they just have to light a match and POOF. Everyone on this site denegrating OWS as communist idiots may be playing right into the trap. If for no other reason that is why we should be reaching out to them and trying to find common ground and forming an alliance. There is no way to stop the banksters from whipping up a frenzy when they decide to do it, and apparently they have decided to do it. The Chaos is coming, so now the competition begins for the Order. Let's not be divided and conquered.

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We all knew this day would come.

We all knew that when the economy got bad enough, people would take to the streets.

These people are our neighbors and friends and family and coworkers.

We should be right there with them trying to influence the discussion for what we believe in.

And don't tell me, that we don't have common ground.

Occupy Wall Street wants to END THE FED, and stop militarism for empire.

That is common ground that I can agree with.

If OWS does not ebrace the right, then the movement will go no where, and they will not be the 99%, they will just be the 49 1/2 percent fighting against the other 49 1/2 percent.

But they can't embrace us, if we are not there.

We have an opportunity to educate.

We have an opportunity to promote Dr. Paul's message of sound money and non-interventionism.


Visit Nationofchange.org if you'd like to gain insight into OWS supporters. Most contributors consider Tea Partiers to be the worst of the Republican Party. Some consider the Tea Party to be controlling the GOP.

Regardless, it's fascinating to witness their slant, if not roll various libertarian ideals down their sloping faith that government can be big and fair, as well as their ultimate cause: equality.

To be fair, I did read a favorable article concerning Ron Paul yesterday.


I don't think they have as much 'metal' as the Tea Party people. There are tons of ex-military in the Tea Party for instance. Basically, I think Tea Party people are wiser and more durable and resourceful.

Nevertheless, they have to be reached out to before they get totally lost.


be watchful

of course, the enemies of freedom will do everything to create disunity---sow intrigue, highlight differences and create emotional traps---they are in the business of starting wars and disinformation.

be careful,and focus on similarities and focus on cooperative goals like ending the fed. stay that course, and cut off the financial head of the kraken :)
be well my American brothers! God speed

I have a bad feeling about this...

I definitely sense that some type of conflict is being orchestrated. Is the Tea Party supposed to be Rupert Murdoch's Army, and Occupy Wall Street is supposed to be George Soros' Army?

I don't know what Glenn Beck is up to. He speaks some truth, but then he pushes some things that make no sense, while rejecting Ron Paul's common sense foreign policy. What is he trying to do with his "Stand with Israel" movement? Is he a religious nut? Yes, the holocaust was beyond horrific. But why should the U.S. take sides with the U.N.-created state of Israel if it means ushering in WWIII? I am an American. Am I willing to send my children to die in the Middle East for Israel's existence? NO. Let Israel defend itself. I am willing to take in Jewish refugees.

Is there some kind of secret battle going on among the global elites? Occupy Wall Street seems like a trap. They are trying to use ordinary people as pawns. How can we stop this?

Ann in Florida


It's uncanny how much the federal reserves centrally planned economy resembles "the company" tactics used against the people in the southern coal fields of West Virginia following WW1.

I mean everything from the "company script" paper money, to owning the all the "patch" homes , segregating the "patches", lobby for subsidies to undermine wages and fueling divisions, corrupting the law, etc. It's uncanny it really is. It led to the only armed rebellion on US soil since the end of the Civil War. The Battle of Blair Mountain aka The Red Neck War.

The Battle of Blair Mountain . . .

. . . should be taught/discussed in all High School history classes, sadly it is not. No one has a clue about it. (Smedley Butler also)

I have my grandparents who live on Blair mountain just about 1/2 a mile as the crow flies from the "Historic Marker". Spent a week up there in July doing a title search at the courthouse. Not much has changed up that way. Its funny though, coming from a "big city", up there the cops don't mess with the people, the people don't mess with the cops, as long as know one gets outa line it's all good.

≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈
"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make
violent revolution inevitable."
John F. Kennedy

The Mellon Cartel

Pittsburgh banking giant Mellon ("the company") financed steel industry who ran this same scam on the people of Appalachia 100 years ago, that the federal reserve "the company" is running on all of America today.

Read the book "When Miners March". If you prefer a/v to reading, the 1987 movie Matewan is the movie adaptation. My only gripe with the movie is it begins about half-way through the first chapter and leaves out the most important detail federal subsidies was driving down the price of coal.

The first 15 minutes of the movie reveals the scam. When you watch it, every time you hear the word "company" think Federal Reserve.


There's this one cool scene where James Earl Jones has a Ron Paul moment.

If a bit of civil war against

If a bit of civil war against each other, is what it takes for either group to recognize, that the people both need and have a right to much better weaponry than what is currently for sale to non oppressors, then I'm all for it. Having regular Americans once again rearmed sufficiently to serve as a real check on government aggression, would be quite the blessing indeed. As would be living in a neighborhood sufficiently armed to make sure people didn't get any ideas about imposing too much on each other.

BTW, anyone else bothered by the fact that the US government was perfectly A-OK with a thug like Saddam Hussein buying all kinds of cool kit back in the 80s but not with law abiding Americans buying the same stuff? I mean, it's one thing to keep every Joe and Jane from stockpiling nukes, but wouldn't you think any weapon deemed safe enough in the hand of some third world tyrant, should be pretty safe in the hands of the people as well? The founders sure did.

There is a common ground of

There is a common ground of discontent between the tea party and the occupy wallstreet protests, we should aim to bring these two groups of people together. "Liberty brings people together". Ron Paul's message is the perfect antidote to the two divisive labels of left vs. right.