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Other fundraising ideas for Dr.Paul

I wanted to tell you all an idea that I thought of to raise money I might not otherwise have to support Dr.Paul.

I'm hoping you might team up together with someone like I have that's a supporter as well. Together you can accomplish good things if you work with each others talents and or resources.

I'm purchasing used cars that need to be repaired. I've teamed up with local people that are each doing their part to make this happen. I do have a little savings.. Not much and it's getting smaller but I figured I'd do it now instead of wishing I had when after if I were to run low and couldn't do it. Maybe some of you might see what you can do in that direction as well?

Almost any idea will work, it doesn't have to be cars.. You could do a carwash (I know that sounds silly but I know that it would work) You could have a garage sale and get rid of some of that junk you might be storing and make sure you have stuff to hand out about Dr.Paul of course!

What are some grassroots ideas that you might have?