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Ron Paul at Nashua Community College

Ron Paul's Message Resonates with Supporters
For the most part, attendees came supporting Ron Paul, and left feeling buoyed by his momentum.
By Carol Robidoux 9:21pm

Just before the crowd was allowed to take their seats inside the Judd Gregg Auditorium for Monday night's Town Hall forum, Congressman Ron Paul had an understated moment with a small group of fellow veterans, all supporters of Paul for President and his interest in ending the current war.

They had come to publicly endorse Paul's candidacy. They had come, they said, because Paul is the lone voice for sensibility and has a message of truth for a world that has been fractured, in every way, by prolonged war.

Joshua Holmes, 24, of Manchester, has supported Ron Paul since 2008. He was an infantryman with the Army for two tours in Iraq. He's seen friends die in combat -- but he's lost even more friends, of late, to suicide.


This was the second in a series of Town Hall-style events presented by We the People Freedom Forum, a Nashua-based organization headed by Republican activist Jennifer Horn, that promotes the Constitution.

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Correct title: Ron Paul's Message Resonates with Supporters

Why did you change it to, "Ron Paul at Nashua Community College?" That's not very interesting.

You took a good title and made it dull.