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End the Fed

There will be a end the Fed Rally at every Federal Reserve Bank in America on the 10th of the month. Please come and attend one that is near you.

The objectives are:

* Build a large group each month which will provide networking for the 2012 election.

* End the Fed and continue the mission of education of the masses of the criminal action of the private bankers operating the Federal Reserve.

* Stick Ron Paul stickers on passing supporters cars, many who otherwise would not be likely to purchase or put a Ron Paul sticker on their car. Also, placing in key locations of windows, bulletin boards and any other place suitable for a Ron Paul sticker.

* For more info visit http://stickup.us/ and


Invite your friends, copy and forward this information.

Read more at http://www.stickup.us/ and at

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Hello DP people! Will there be a rally at the Chicago FED anytime soon?

I live in New Lenox but am willing to travel to the FED and proclaim my distaste for the FED while wearing my RON PAUL 2012 t shirt.

Please update me on any progress. I will reach out to the chapters near me.

This is very similar to

This is very similar to something I just posted: http://www.dailypaul.com/181344/lets-occupy-the-federal-rese...

Lets all band together, reach out to local Tea Party groups and make this happen!