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Paul 2nd in September Townhall straw poll

September Town Hall Straw Poll results
Perry 31.9%
Paul 19.9%
Cain 9.8%
Palin 9.7%
Romney 7.9%
Bachmann 6.0 %
Gingrich 4.5%
Christy 4.5%

Perry was the biggest gainer, Bachmann the biggest loser compared with August straw poll resuts.


Despite mixed reviews from his debate performances, Rick Perry continues to lead the GOP field. Amassing over 30% of the vote Perry took the September Townhall and HotAir Republican Straw Poll.

Ron Paul's support stayed steady, taking 2nd place for the 5th time since we began polling in January. He has won the straw poll three times. Sarah Palin has also won the poll three times, but not since March.

Herman Cain finally stopped his slide, gaining slightly this month. Michele Bachmann lost support for the 2nd straight month. After peaking at 13.6% she has lost over half of her support, coming in at 6% this month. She had the biggest slide this month at 4.4 points. Rick Perry had the biggest gain with 3.3 points. After bottoming out at 1.4% in July, Newt Gingrich has modestly increased his support for two straight months. He still hasn't completely recovered from early campaign mishaps, nor has he seen the level of support he received back in March when he took 11.75% of the vote.

For the most part however, there were no radical shifts in support this month. This could be an indication that supporters are getting more comfortable with their particular candidate. As we get closer to the primaries it will be very interesting to see if support shifts or if one candidate starts to consolidate the vote.

Thaddeus McCotter dropped out of the race and was subsequently removed from the poll.

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Have you voted for October?

It would be nice to win it again after a couple months of pulling second place.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.