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Ron Paul at 11% in latest Washington Post ABC News Poll


Romney 25%
Perry 16%
Cain 16%
Paul 11%
Gingrich 7%
Bachmann 7%
Santorum 2%
Hunstman 1%

This poll is a breath of fresh air in my opinion. We've had a string of bad ones recently. This one puts us back within striking distance of the top tier.

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Santorum's AMC Pacer of a campaign

When will it finally end?

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.

member 4+yrz

Dr. Paul.. please show leadership. Organize something to speak to these folks before sorros and Moore. You have the 10% support you claim you need. What I hope is that you lead. Make a media spectacle of it.. the Atwater in me is screaming. Everyone is looking for leadership and we need your humble self to act like a leader. I love u bro... honest. But you can't expect everyone in a group to play lime the leader is not there
This isn't meant to be inflammatory. This is real politics. I humbly ask ron to bring our two sides together by leading. If Lindsay Graham is scared of an 'unholy union's of the right and left... we are into something.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul


Has anyone here ever participated in one of these polls? I recently asked this same question at a large gathering at my VFW Club. Strange, but I couldn't find a single person - not even 85 year old WWII vets.

my lazt check..

DP got 65000 unique hits a day. Divide that by 50 and u may realize how important it is for us to defend the rule of law and our rights.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

Mitt and Perry dropping and

Mitt and Perry dropping and Cain is the flavor of the month while Ron is stuck at 11%-13%.

RealClearPolitics.com are clearly biased against Ron Paul

Real Clear Politics have been doing everything they can to pull Ron Paul down the charts. When it suits them, they take the last 7 polls as an average, when not, it's just the last five, lest Ron Paul gets the third spot.

So this time, what do they do? They put down Ron Paul at 9% instead of 11% - they took the poll that included Sarah Palin: http://www.realclearpolitics.com/epolls/2012/president/us/re...

Here are the numbers: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/politics/polls/postabcp...

Megyn Kelly had to correct herself when quoting this poll

She said live to Ron Paul that he was in 4th place. She had to back track and then say 3rd because Cain and Perry are tied for 2nd. The Poll lists it in a way so that if you are skimming through, you count 1-2-3-4 down to Paul thinking he is 4th. I will agree with the above commenter that lots of these polls are such bunk. After watching Penn and Teller expose Frank Luntz using cunning language to get the answer he wanted, you know this stuff is crooked.

Thomas M. Gallion

you guys,

these polls are bs, i dont think they represent anything but the publisher's image of what they want a poll to look like. it's all about who's counting the votes, and besides that the voters who have bee chosen. I doubt they pick people @ random.

11% is bogus. Deep down inside we all know our guy is winning.

Cain grabs 10 points in 1 week?

This seems a little hokey to me. Romney is unelectable, everybody can't stand him.

Romney's biggest contributors in 2008 were Goldman Sachs, Citibank and Wachovia, spread it around

The King of Comedy...

Rupert Pupkin submitted this post? Awesome!

jump the perry ship!! swim

jump the perry ship!! swim for the cain ship!!

eventually they'll realize Ron Paul is an Island of bedrock!

Bankers Choice

With all that we now know about the Federal Reserve Central Bankers why would anyone support a candidate that the Bankers support?

Live in Liberty
Tom Rankin


Cain got Perry's folks that's all. Ron Paul looks like he's climbing up.

It is good to see these polls

but I don't put too much stock in them....especially in primaries.

I know many people that do not vote in primaries.

For most people in the country, the weather will be cold and nasty for the primaries. Every RP supporter will brave the elements and will show up to vote. As for the other candidates, only people that are really enthusiastic about them will show up for the primaries.

It seems to me that Romney and Perry's supporters are not all that enthused and I think they will have trouble getting people out to vote. This factor must be considered.

That's wierd ... RealClearPolitics says its only 9.


Assuming that they accidentally used the numbers that included Palin and Christie, it is still odd since they aren't even tracking them any more.

Gingrich, Perry, and Romney are also wrong. They all are wrong on the up side and Paul is wrong on the downside.

Here is the data ...


True or not, it is much

True or not, it is much better than last time and we are ABOVE the 10% mark for the "tireless minority" so lets just keep igniting brushfires and each one of us getting another and another supporter every week--and we GOT this one!!!

Why won't Herman Cain go away?

I keep asking this question. Who IS this guy?

i agree but

they are just diluting eachother

All lies

My guess is, if you factor in manipulations by the establishment at every level--how the poll was conducted, whether they're lying about the results, how the media operates, etc.--Paul is at double and possibly triple these numbers.

RealClearPolitics has him at

RealClearPolitics has him at 9% in that same poll?


RealClearPolitics is what a lot of people cite to indicate polling placement. It looks like they're only using the "RV" numbers from the poll, instead of the general population numbers. I tried to contact them to tell them that's inconsistent with other polls they've posted, but I can't find out how.

So my estimation is that the real numbers are about 14 or 15 for Dr. Paul. In another week or two, Perry should be down below 10 percent, and then we'll see where Paul and Cain stand. Romney isn't likely dropping very soon.

You guys don't get it

I fully realize I will be downmodded into oblivion for telling the truth but perhaps a few will still read and understand.

First, lets look at the WaPo poll. RP was at 11/10/11 in July/Aug/Sept. That is not good as it again encourages chatter that his ceiling is 10-15%. Note also the margin of error is +/- 6% which fits with all the other national polls we have seen - be they high or low.

Second, until you stop looking at national polls and being gleeful or despondent over the results you are not going to be able to help RP. National polls are MEANINGLESS. The important polls, even more so for a primary, are the STATE polls. Well done state polls will include right leaning independents if they can vote in the primary otherwise it will be only republican voters.

The republican nomination is won at the state level. Please repeat that over and over until you understand. If RP is polling at 5% in your state and Romney at 25% you best get in touch with the campaign hq and get your ass in gear.

gedankenexperiment.dk views on finance, politics and science

nomination won at state level

Beezle spoke the truth by saying:
"The republican nomination is won at the state level. ... you best get in touch with the campaign hq and get your ass in gear."

Repeat with emphasis:
get your ass in gear IN YOUR STATE.

Don't think that way

We all know that the polls aren't actually right. They often call prior voters (older people with land lines) and that doesn't reflect new Ron Paul "converts" or younger people (with higher Ron Paul supporter percentages) who aren't in the voter phone number lists.

DON'T ignore the polls. Mainstream media reports about polls ALL THE TIME. It's one of the best ways to get publicity for Dr. Paul. When a new poll comes out, the news goes over it all day long. News plays in stores, in airports, in the homes of millions of people.

In order for the good doctor to win, he'll need more support from legacy voter blocks. Yes, that means older folks. Please don't dismiss the polls (despite their inaccuracy). If you haven't talked to your parents, grandparents, the nice old lady down the street, or essentially any of the people that WOULD be contacted for these polls, PLEASE talk to them.

I live in Utah, and I can basically guarantee that Mitt Romney will win here (despite Jon Huntsman being our former governor), because he's well known for helping us so much with the 2002 Olympics, but I still fight so hard to get those polling numbers up for Ron Paul.

Yeah yeah...

We tried the "polls are biased due to old people and land lines blah blah" argument in 2008. We were wrong. It's time for everyone to give it up already.

By the way

I know Utah plays very little role in the GOP nominee selection process, but I just want to let you know that we've got a Ron Paul supporter to the state GOP secretary position! It was quite a fight!

I guess Cain is top tier now

I guess Cain is top tier now :(

I think

That Ron Paul is higher then this....these numbers were brought out by the lying media. I no longer believe a word they say.

Not Bad

Chris Christie is going to have press conference at 1pm. If he runs that would spell the end of Cain and Perry. He should not affect Ron Paul. I think Cain and Perry have flimsy support right now. The GOP doesn't want to nominate a Mormon either. Newt is toxic. Bachmann may come back.

More bumper stickers!

Let everyone know who you support. I have yet to see any other bumper stickers for any other candidates as of yet here in Texas. An army of supporters with signs and bumper stickers shows Ron Paul has support beyond what the MSM is reporting and piques potential voters interest.