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Let's Occupy The Federal Reserve Buildings This Weekend!

I was listening to Alex Jones, and he suggested that it is time for us freedom lovers to start occupations of the Federal Reserve on our own. I happen to agree with him, and I have even taken the initiative in starting a facebook group about organizing a Detroit protest:


I can't get this off the ground by myself, but I am hoping to get some support from you guys here. An occupation of the Fed is inevitable if we are to regain our freedom and sovereignty, and we should do it now while these occupations are springing up all throughout the country. These rallies would also be a good way of once again elevating the issue of the Federal Reserve into the national discourse which would be good for Paul's 2012 campaign.

Also, I've never organized anything before so please offer me some suggestions as how I could make this work because I'm a novice when it comes to this kind of stuff.

We really need to get some people who run local organizations like YAL, third party organizations, JBS, etc. to jump on board then we really might be able to accomplish something. If we don't take advantage of the occupation fad, we will be missing out on a golden opportunity. Somebody who is good with photoshop would be great as well so we can make some fancy images that we can post throughout the internet. I need help to get this off the ground. I hope we can make this work.

Also, here's what I wrote for my FB Event if you want to start one for yourself and need a description:

" The Wall Street occupation of New York City along with similar occupations in other cities have begun to sweep the nation. We must use this opportunity to occupy the real scourge of this country, the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve is a private, independently controlled central bank that is in charge of the nation’s monetary supply. Since they seized control of the money supply 100 years ago, the value of the dollar has dropped over 95 percent. In addition, they are now counterfeiting American taxpayer dollars at an almost unimaginable rate. Thanks to Congressman Ron Paul‘s brave efforts to force Federal Reserve transparency for many decades, they were recently audited for the first time in their history. They gave out $16 trillion in ’emergency loans’ to foreign banks and corporations. Literally selling our economy and the value of our dollar to foreign interests without the approval and consent of the American people. Link here: http://sanders.senate.gov/​newsroom/news/?id=9e2a4ea8​-6e73-4be2-a753-62060dcbb3​c3 . This is treason. Wall Street, while unscrupulous, corrupt and clearly in need of reform, is only a symptom of the disease known as the Federal Reserve. This cancer must be removed from our economy peacefully, and this occupation rally intends to do just that.

Ask yourself this question, folks. Do you think it is right that Ben Bernanke has more power over the economy than anyone else? Does this make you feel like the economy is in good hands and that the dollar is safe? If you are unfamiliar with Mr. Bernanke and what he’s all about, please read and/or watch the following informative links: http://theeconomiccollapse​blog.com/archives/say-what​-30-ben-bernanke-quotes-th​at-are-so-stupid-that-you-​wont-know-whether-to-laugh​-or-cry , http://www.youtube.com/wat​ch?v=n0NYBTkE1yQ , http://www.youtube.com/wat​ch?v=2EQDrVKYWmc .

Please join the occupation and send this to EVERYONE possible. We need to send a message to these private banking elites that their destruction of the U.S. dollar will no longer be tolerated."

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The way you said that ...

Will get you a visit the Secret Service (private federal reserve police) who by the way "protect [as in protection mafia style] the president ... lol

Patriot News
Stand up For your Civil Rights

They won't let you inside.

You'll have to protest from behind orange plastic barricades set up across the street.





I want to participate in this protest.

I have two huge vinyl banners. One banner is 6x3ft and red/black/white. It says (Co-Sponer S.604-Audit the Federal Reserve Now!-www.campaignforliberty.com) So I will have to edit this banner to say S.202 since thats the new bill.

The other is 3x6ft and red/black/white. This says (End the Federal Reserve-Ron Paul Revolution "logo"- www.campaignforliberty.com

Hey I also want to add that www.buildasign.com offers deals like a free 3x6ft banner, keep an eye out.

Are you from Detroit or

Are you from Detroit or nearby? Please show up. I'm hoping this will grow into something. Worst case scenario, I'll be there with a few people outside of there handing out key information and talking to as many nearby people as I can.

Chicago, Il

I'll be attending one, if there will be one held, at the Chicago Fed, sorry bro.