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Radio Ads local not part of the national campaign

I am part of an action group of avid Ron Paulers in Boise and we are trying to put together some issue based Ron Paul radio ads since the air time is VERY cheap and we have switched to an early caucus and actually matter in the nomination process now.

Have any of you already put together radio ads for your area/state? If so, are you willing to share those ads and possibly let our group use them out here? I figure that there is no reason to completely reinvent the wheel if there is already quality stuff out there.

I am also interested in any musicians who have air-time appropriate ORIGINAL songs/music or non-copywrite issue liberty music that you would be willing to license to us to use in the background of our ads for free (and our deep gratitude).

I am open to any ideas and feedback.

Thanks -- idahoronpaulgirl@gmail.com

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Welcome to the DP

Not sure how your positive activism post got lost in the melee. It happens.