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Video: Black THIS Out Money Bomb October 19th For Ron Paul (We need more people)

People really need to get ready for this, it's going to be huge, lets see if the Media can "Black This Out" on October 19th! Here is my video to try and get people rived up for the money Bomb!


Don't forget to pledge:



This needs to be the biggest money bomb ever thus I have done my part we need to keep advertising this on Daily Paul, there is only 7,500 who are attending on facebook so far they are hoping for 25,000 come on people lets do this! Also my video is on creative commons which means you can download it and Mirror it everywhere!

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Hell Yeah!

The birthday bomb had 7,840 attending the facebook event and it raised 2,000,000.

There are already 7,139 people attending the BlackThisOUT event.

Please help make this huge now. Don't wait till the last minute to spread the word.

Yes we need more to join in!

Lets do this!



Great Vid! Yes we need to get everyone involved with this

get everyone talking about it!

Yes get everyone involved we are aiming for 6,000,000!!

We can do this! For Liberty!