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Expose Cain in next debate

We all know that the MSM wont hesitate to ask Dr Paul about his stance on the Al-Awlaki death.

I think this would be a perfect opportunity to not only solidify his position as being the Constitutional position, but also for Paul to ask why Cain supported the Constitutional stance before Awlaki's death but then flip flopped after he died.

The reason is two-fold. For one, mentioning that other candidates on the stage had once shared the same position makes it less alien. Second reason is that I keep hearing about Cain seeming so "honest" and "real". This would be a good opportunity to kill two birds with one stone and hit that view of Cain on national tv. Give him the flip flopper label that nobody can reciprocate against Paul.

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A Real Reason To Be Mad At Herman Cain
May 25, 2011 08:58 AM
By J. Smith

Herman Cain isn’t as laughable as I originally affronted. He has been making the media rounds and impressing a few people along the way, even earning himself a flock of supporters. After a recent Fox News presidential debate, a focus group overwhelmingly declared the black Republican and former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza victorious.

So now that Cain has proven his candidacy as one to be take notice of (but can you blame us for brushing him off at first? Most of president Obama’s would-be contenders were just laughable.), it is only natural that the serious smears of campaign season would arise against him. First up: A business scandal that so closely mirrors the travesty at Enron, it warranted this headline from Mother Jones Magazine: “Herman Cain’s Enron-esque Disaster: The Story the GOP presidential candidate won’t tell you about his years in corporate America.” If our skepticism of him before was baseless, it certainly isn’t now.

“Cain clearly believes that his pro-business message is what GOP voters want to hear. So much so, in fact, that on Saturday he officially unveiled his candidacy for the 2012 GOP nomination. But scrubbed from Cain’s official story is his long tenure as a director at a Midwest energy corporation named Aquila that, like the infamous Enron Corporation, recklessly drove into the wild west of energy trading and speculation – and ultimately screwed its employees out of tens of millions of dollars,” Mother Jones reports.

According to a massive class action lawsuit against Aquila’s board of directors – including Cain – he allegedly steered employees into heavily investing their retirement savings in company stock, while at the same time shifting their business model from straightforward energy generation to risky energy trading – the kind of corporate greed that infamously brought down Enron, Mother Jones reports. In the suit, it claims that Cain and other top officials violated a 37-year-old federal law that requires employers to responsibly manage the retirement programs for their employees. Their pensions and life savings were lost.

Thus far, Cain has been running as the pro-business candidate who successfully turned around the failing Godfather’s Pizza franchise after working in the corporate offices of the Pillsbury Company. His lack of political experience is always countered by touting his decades’ worth of success in business. Positions at Godfather’s, Pillsbury and his post as chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City are listed as part of his official campaign biography. His part in the major downfall of Aquila – where he was on the board of directors for much of the 1990s and early 2000s – is nowhere to be found.

Yes, it is expected for a candidate to try and hide his skeletons, but he should also expect to eventually be exposed. Herman Cain, you are exposed.

Explosive Information!

Didn't know this (haven't paid much attention to Cain). As I was reading it, I was thinking that your heading might get more attention if it read: Herman Cain Exposed, but then got to your last line and it is even better. Herman Cain, You Are Exposed.
Hopefully, everyone will read your post because it needs to become common knowledge.

9-9-9 is assinine (information from Runboard blog)

Herman Cain's Regressive 999 Tax Plan

Post #1

Top 10 Flaws in Herman Cain’s 999 Tax Plan
1) Currently wealthy people play 35 percent Income tax -Herman Cain will reduce that to 9 percent. What a gift to the rich!!! The CEO’s of BP Oil, Chevron, Wal-Mart will enjoy not paying more taxes with Herman Cain’s plan.
2) There are more middle class tax payers and the poorer who will now be paying more taxes on basics, and that is where his plan hurts the majority of Americans including 45 million below the poverty level.
Cain’s 9% sales tax plan will gouge the people who need financial assistance, but then again they are not included in his plan. What does he mean by “across the board” has not clearly been explained but would definitely harm the poor.
3) Under Cain’s plan there won’t be any income tax credits or deductions, just a flat 9% income tax and when you add the sales tax to that -families will be paying 18% taxes! Cain doesn’t explain this part on debates but what he’s not telling voters is:
1) Will his national sales tax be in addition to the state retail sales tax?
2) Or will it replace the state sales tax, which really doesn’t increase revenues and decrease the deficit?
3) Will he tax services, like a service tax -like on funerals?
4) Will he tax food, restaurant bills, etc., like they do in some countries, will taxes be expanded?
Cain gives no real details on what products, services or food he would apply this 9% tax to or any differences than the current system. Also some regulators prefer that the states collect the sales tax not the federal government and some states would now be paying sales tax that didn’t before his plan. Unfair.
Taxes are also collected differently in different areas of the country, with different rules on some products that are exempt from tax like children’s clothing. Would families now have to pay tax that didn’t before?
4) Cain’s plan rewards the rich and punishes those who’s income is at peril of falling further below the line of devastating consequences and he does not address this group roughly 45 million Americans.
5) You cannot use a One Size Fits All in the Herman Cain 999 plan, and across the board taxes do not work, there has to be some offsets or else many Americans will go into bankruptcy.
6) Cain’s plan will not motivate consumers to spend more and move the economy forward and they make up 70% of the economy. His plan does not take into consideration that consumers will cut back if taxes are too high, and that is an economy and job killer. Herman’s plan means: Buy Less, Pay Less Taxes and is not a real boost to the economy.
7) Accountants who have looked at Cain’s 999 Plan say it is very deceptive especially on removing tax credits and issuing refunds on income. There won’t be a need for refund checks, because there won’t be any refunds!
8) The Cain plan doesn’t end at 999 and there is no rules when government decides to make to 10-10-10 or 12-12-12 or even higher. This would also increase tax breaks for the rich even more.
9) Paying taxes at 9% of income hurts Warren Buffet’s secretary more than it hurts Warren Buffet the billionaire, same story there. If Warren Buffet’s army of accountants find deductions he benefits, even if he is currently paying 35% tax on income.
10) A higher national sales tax will bring up states rights to define their own tax rules and adding a federal run tax program would definitely start some federal v.s. state battles in the court system.

Post #2

There are some flaws in the flaw analysis:

The CEO’s of BP Oil, Chevron, Wal-Mart will enjoy not paying more taxes with Herman Cain’s plan

If they don't purchase anything...

there won’t be any income tax credits or deductions, just a flat 9% income tax and when you add the sales tax to that -families will be paying 18% taxes!

Which assumes that "families" spend 100% of their income. Some do, many don't.

His plan does not take into consideration that consumers will cut back if taxes are too high

If their income tax is less, their take-home pay is more. That means there can be more consumption. Wouldn't that appeal to the "Demand-Siders"?

Accountants who have looked at Cain’s 999 Plan say it is very deceptive especially on removing tax credits and issuing refunds on income. There won’t be a need for refund checks, because there won’t be any refunds!

There will be a reduced need for tax accountants; less fraud, and the IRS can probably be reduced.

Paying taxes at 9% of income hurts Warren Buffet’s secretary more than it hurts Warren Buffet the billionaire

No deductions, no reduction in his income tax. Does he spend less than his secretary? Maybe. That would be one explanation of why he got rich...

The oddest thing about this criticism is that Canada and the European countries that are trotted out as fine examples of Universal Health care tax the **** out of consumption to pay for it.

When people realize that low-income people will pay MORE taxes ,

and RICH people will pay LESS under Cain's tax plan, interest in Herman Cain will fizzle.

Notice in this interview last Sunday, that Cain wanted to use as an example a family making $50,000 instead of one making $25,000. He knows that his tax plan would mean that those paying little or no taxes now would pay much more under his plan. Here's the interview; discussion of his 999 tax plan begins at 5:02:


The way I see it, is that right after Perry did himself in

during the last debate, the powers that be realized that Perry was not going to be able to be the nominee, and consequently, we were suddenly reading stories of how Perry's numbers were going south fast.

Afraid that Ron Paul would quickly rise to the #2 position with Perry out of contention, they immediately began a BIG push for Cain-- beginning with his "win" in the Florida straw poll, followed by NUMEROUS MSM stories about Cain's new "top tier" status and surging position in various polls.

I like a lot of what Cain says, but he CANNOT be trusted. Dr. Paul needs to make an issue of Cain's ties to the Federal Reserve, even if the questions he is asked are not directly about the Federal Reserve.

For example, if he is asked a question about the economy,he can quickly explain why the Federal Reserve system is so detrimental to our economic health, and why an audit is so important--AND THEN ASK CAIN TO EXPLAIN why he is so against an audit of the Federal Reserve.

bloomberg debate

i hope they give him enough time, and since it focuses mostly on economics, probably people will see how clear Ron is on these issues. hopefully !!

Dr.Ron Paul's 2002 Predictions

Cain must be called out not wanting a FED audit

Cain needs to be called out by Paul on not wanting a full FED audit. The media has also been dropping his title of former KC FED chair and focusing only on his pizza career. The FED is very unpopular and reminding people that Cain was a FED branch chairman will make them think more into his "we don't need an audit" mantra. Why doesn't he want an audit? Does he know dirt we don't? Cain flip flops almost as much as Romney, but it isn't expected like it is for Romney. The 999 plan also needs to be exposed because it would have folks who don't pay income tax suddenly paying it. Dr. Paul always says "if that many aren't paying income tax, we are off to a good start." Why would we want Income and Sales Tax by the FEDS. We already pay local Sales taxes in most states and the income tax should never have been to begin with.

Thomas M. Gallion

I totally agree!

Nobody should worry too much about Cain's recent rise in the polls, if anything, it's a good thing.

Who are these people? They are the Republican voters who are hopping around from candidate to candidate. We know Ron Paul has the ability to hold on to his supporters once they go to him. So let's keep the shift moving until it lands on Paul.

A lot of Cain supporters are already leaving because of him flip-flopping on the Constitution.

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yes, its time to

...expose him for what he is and see how fast he falls!

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

Ron has the most important asset.

The middle class.

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Next debate won't have Al-Awlaki in it...

The next debate is supposed to focus on one thing...the economy. A round table style where everyone has to face everyone else. RP needs to focus on the flaws of the other candidates ideas for fixing the economy. He will be able to completely tear apart Cain's 9-9-9 plan. We are entering RP's comfort zone here. All the other candidates will be quivering in the corner after RP gets done with this one...


I agree. Hopefully this time

I agree. Hopefully this time around, Ron will toot his own horn, and brag about his accurate predictions. Or perhaps he will point out how oblivious the other candidates were, specifically, Cain.

Cain is surging in the polls because

they want him to. These polls are really suspect. There are so many of them, and who has a land line these days? They use the same old worn out data bases of people that volunteer to be polled. To say they're scientific is a real stretch. It's kind of like calling in to Sean Hannity and saying you want to talk up Ron Paul - forget about it! Back to Cain, the other candidates will do the damage on him, he's stealing their show at the moment. I figure a VP deal will be in the works before too long with Mitt.

alan laney

It is NOT Cain they want recognized.

It is the 9-9-9 plan they want to implant in your mind.
They need the revenue that a sales tax would incurr. Asset sales and purchases are the biggest revenue getter that they can get when New sales are down.
The time is coming when you will not buy or sell with out a tax number. Prophesy fullfilled. Stealing from your asset values are all they have left to steal. Some of this is already in the Healthcare bill.

Cain will Perry himself soon on his own.

Honkies for Herman??

*May the only ones to touch your junk, be the ones you want to touch your junk.*

Cain up 12%

I'm worried about how Ron is not surging in the polls like Cain is. I know Iowa is 4 months away, but this is troubling me.

Those willing to trade their freedom for temporary security deserve neither and will lose both.

You must not understand the polls

They are rigged!

itzSteve's picture

don't worry about the swings...

...when the poll numbers go up and down on a volatile basis for the others, it just shows that their supporters will change their vote on a whim. RP's numbers are solid and consistent. They will slowly inch there way up. They never go down. Even with Mitt, he doesn't seem to be able to get his numbers above the low 20's. I think that is his ceiling. Once the other candidates start falling away, we will really see some movement towards RP. The tea party crowd just needs to wake up and realize where the REAL Godfather is...and it's not the pizza man.

we dont have the media in our

we dont have the media in our corner, we have to work harder. YOU and I. to spread his message

Cain is just seeing the

Cain is just seeing the bubble expand from his MSM coverage in Florida -- the only state that really likes him. This bubble, too, will deflate as its gains were ill-gotten.

itzSteve's picture


I still think he received a major sympathy vote for coming out as a cancer survivor. Major bump for that...but it will be short lived.

I hear you...

...but it's okay. We are serious underdogs in this race. We are doing everything it takes to be more relevant and more consistant than any other candidate.

The same thing that happened to Perry will happen to Cain and Christie. Edit: Christie's not running.

We have a consistent messenger, funding and ground game. And we know what we believe... no long faces. We are the tireless minority.

In the end it will be a choice between Ron Paul and Mitt Romney for the nomination.

Life, Liberty... and the Pursuit of Happiness.

a better video on flip flop on debt ceiling

He was at a rally on a Saturday and said very clearly that the Cain plan would be to not raise the debt ceiling and to cut spending.

The very next day on Fox News Sunday he said that it's too late now for his plan to work so they now need to raise the debt ceiling. All of that in just one day. This guy is better at parsing words than Bill Clinton ever was.


Tim Maitski
Atlanta real estate agent
Atlanta real estate website

Another Flip Flop on the Debt Ceiling

Here's a flip flop by Cain on the debt ceiling.

This guy is good at these flip flops.


Tim Maitski
Atlanta real estate agent
Atlanta real estate website

Here's the video of his Fed flip flop

Here's a video showing him saying that there's no need for any audit and then some previous video of him congratulating Ron Paul and how good it is for him to be pushing for an audit of the Fed.


Tim Maitski
Atlanta real estate agent
Atlanta real estate website

It should also be noted...

That Cain has personally endorsed Paul for his "Constant" pressure on the FED. Recently I read an article about how he "repeals" that statement, and blames Paul.

Yup -

a tete-a-tete needs to take place between the true patriot (Ron Paul) and the poseur patriot (Herman Cain).

Get past the fact that the guy is black (enough with the white-man's-guilt syndrome) and expose the fraud.

Cain has become the media's new favorite...that's enough to make one suspicious.

The law cannot make a wicked person virtuous…God’s grace alone can accomplish such a thing.
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The Fed's Fake Flip Flopper

say that five times fast


He really does need to start saying "I call bullsh*t!"