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Michael Savage Agrees with Ron Paul

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Ron Paul and Savage are

Ron Paul and Savage are correct on this one. Al-Awlaki may indeed deserve to be killed, but only after a trial. Allowing a politician do make that determination rather than a court of law is by definition, terrorism.

The idea that a president can have someone killed on his word, by his decision and not on the decision of a court of law is one of the hallmarks of tyranny. This was the law in the Third Reich.

As Savage says, if Obama can kill al-Awlaki and get away with it, who is safe? If a crackpot like Napolitano can call returning Iraqi veterans "potential terrorists", does than mean the Administration might start targeting them? Or Ron Paul supporters? Or people critical of the Federal Reserve? Or people who are pro-life?

We either have the rule of law, or we have the rule of the dictator.

Savage is in no way consuistent.

I take turns switching between government radio (NPR) and Savage at lunch sometimes. Just so I can hear both extremes and then go research the truth when I get home. I heard the initial Savage broadcast of him being pro-kill-american citizen and then yesterday I heard the broadcast where he was against it? I was very confused I aalmost started to doubt what I initally heard.

No one except Ron Paul seems to have the guiding prinicples to make the lawful (and moral) decision the FIRST time, when it really counts. Everyone can say the right thing when they have the benfit of hindsight or are always willing to defer to swaying public opinion. What I love aabout Paul is that his experience and knowledge of history\economics gives him an advantage of being out in front of these important issues WAY BEFORE all the the other politicians or radio personalites finally get it.

Even if its very unpopular you can count on RP to tell it like it is. And even if you dont agree (or don't want to hear it) you have to respect it. Thats REAL leadership IMHO.

Savage is an ok guy sometimes...

...but on some issues he's a big idiot.

He's big on preaching against the NWO.
He's not supported by Faux News.
He's more independently minded than Hannity, Rush and the rest.
He's less trusting of the government than the rest.

He's a war monger who thinks that Muslims are out to get us...but not to the degree of Hannity.
He's anti-marijuana for some reason...even though he has a degree in epidemiology. He's a moron in this regard. MJ is one of the most medicinal plants on earth.
He says Ron Paul is nuts...but that he agrees with him on most things. You know, like the rest of them do.

Atta boy Savage...You're coming around...

...little by little.

This is living proof that Ron Paul's truthful messages can not be disputed.

THIS is why the media shuts Dr. Paul OUT because they know DAMN WELL that he is speaking the truth and that scares them.

So it's just more comfortable for them to ignore him and try to suppress his thoughts from getting any attention.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

I think Michael is a good guy

I think Michael is a good guy that loves his country but he's just a tad misguided. Im sure of it The good Dr. can get his endorsment this time around and that would be a great help for our fight.


I used to listen to Savage several years ago (I still listen to Youtube clips on occasion), and he always came across as someone who really does care about this country. Sure, he's misguided, but so was I at one time. I was never a big fan of the wars mind you, but back then (2003-4) I figured it had to be done. I saw no reason for the Patriot Act though, and that's what eventually led me to Ron Paul.

It's not as if every neocon wants America to fall or collapse the economy or anything else, a lot are just VERY misguided people.

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This is pretty big

This is pretty big considering M. Savage use to go after Ron Paul. I know a lot of people who listen to Savage.

Very important to give him positive feedback. It will be much easier to win this if we win key media people over bit by bit instead of wasting energy trying to drill them into the ground.

Also personally big of M. Savage to admit when he is wrong or critically rethought his position. I doubt Hannity or that idiot O'reilly would do this.

Who's Next?

It's always amusing to watch supporters of lawlessness from across the political spectrum finally embrace the rule of law (US Constitution) when their own arses might be the next target... More radio personalities need to start thinking instead of reacting.

Ron Paul on Freedom Watch

Ron Paul
on Freedom Watch with Judge Andrew Napolitano at 8PM Eastern on Fox Business tonight. NOW...awesome!

Ewwh... ok fine.. but we can

Ewwh... ok fine.. but we can get better friends than Michael Savage. This man is thoroughly vile.

Then lets just keep our friends close...

Every mention over American airwaves no matter who its from will garner a few more much needed votes, so lets keep the hate down on this site!!

This is unbelievable.

I NEVER expected to hear this from Savage or any of the neocon commentators.

Savage was being very sincere. The tone of his voice sounded like he had an epiphany. I thought he gave a very strong argument, and I was very impressed that he argued about it with one of his fans!

Cheers, Michael Savage, please keep heading in the direction of liberty!

So who

So who declared war anyway? NO ONE. Congress has not declared a war on Yemen.

This is just another example of the obliteration of the U.S. Constitution.

And one more comment...All those protestors at Wall St. who are being led about by the socialist leaders of america should march their behinds over to the FED where the real protest should be happening.

Savage FINALLY gets it right!

Good going, Michael.

If Ron Paul would speak out

If Ron Paul would speak out on Savage being banned to travel to the UK, Savage would talk about him everyday as a hero. It's something to think about.


To Agree With Ron Paul

To Agree With Ron Paul is to respect the Rule of Law set forth in the Constitution.

This is such a simple answer.
The controlled Media's so-called top 3 2012Gop candidates have chosen the WRONG side of the Constitution.

What is next? "The Night of the Long Knives"?


IF the man wants to Join us really as a supporter of Ron Paul and freedom then Awesome!!!

Savage and his fiction novels

I listened to this piece and yes, he agrees with Ron Paul but he still doesn't get the full picture. He was more interested in pitching his latest novel than thinking that maybe he'll have Paul on as a guest to elaborate on this whole business of unitary presidential powers.

I have a suggestion for Savage to put in one of his novels.

The hooker, the Spook and the 'wet sports' Team

Jack Holstrum walked out of the president's security briefing elated that his plan to hack into the websites of right wing groups was given the "official" green light.....

Jack Holdstrum had pitched this idea two years ago before the Patriot Act was narrowly renewed by congress. Now this electronics eves dropping spook would have his own task force to go after those whom he hated. He would now have the official backing of the US government to plant stories in foreign news websites' comments sections that purportedly tied these extremists to persons, political movements and terrorist organizations.

Holdstrum, the evidence planter, would use electronics and the internet to implicate those whom he despised with false statements attributed to them. This called for a celebration!

"sweetie, this is Jack. I have great news," he excitedly told the call girl. Can I take you to the best restaurant in town and tell you this great news I have? How about dinner tonight at a fine restaurant,Ok? There's an extra thousand in for you if you say yes."

The waiter finished pouring the last of the Cabernet and asked Jack if there was anything else he could bring them.

"no, that'll be it. Just bring me the check, will ya?"

"So what's this big news that you have for me. I still need the five hundred dollars you owe me for our last date." Don't expect this to make up for the money you owe me,ok"

Julia buttoned up her blouse and stuffed the 25 hundred dollars in her left breast cup. She looked back nervously at the sleeping government clown. She was anxious to get out of there.

"What kind of maniacs do we have running this government," she thought to herself. Her fingers shaking visibly with each attempt at the tiny blouse's buttons.

She still vividly recalls "the John" bragging how he was going to eliminate all those 'constitution freaks.' He would steal their pass words and plant fake evidence for Obama's assassination 'wet sports team.'

"Hell," Julia thought to herself "the SOB may get mad at me and tie me in with a terrorist group!"

Julia walked briskly down 5th avenue and hailed a cab. She would use this money and the money she had hidden way at her apartment for a sex change operation. She was going to change herself back into man and run off to Europe and hide from these freaks. They have way too much power and they are in control of our government!


Give him time. Nobody gets it

Give him time. Nobody gets it all at once. I was a neocon just three years ago before I got a clue.

This is an important

This is an important interview. It isn't often a talk show host will admit he is wrong and than say Ron Paul convinced him on the air.

And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.

Savage is the worst!

I suppose it’s nice that Michael Savage says he agrees with Ron Paul, but every other thing he says in this clip is just poison… blech.

I still vividly remember stumbling onto his radio show while he ranted, raved, and nearly had an aneurism demagogue-ing the evil Muslims as we ran up toward the Iraq war. He knew that we would conquer them because “our god is stronger than their god.” (direct quote – how could I forget it?) I could almost see the spittle emerging from the radio as he spewed.

In this clip he is interested only in some possible leverage for impeaching the hated Obama. It is probably the first time he’s discovered an interest in the constitution. “We can’t predict what he will say because he thinks.” – I just threw up in my mouth a little.

It saddens me that he has any audience at all.


I'm voting for Peace.

You're right, but...

Savage is coming to our side!!!

The tent is getting bigger. Eventually our tent will have to be large enough to fit all of America because everyone loves the ideas of freedom and liberty under the Constitution. Let's be nice and praise Savage and other NeoCons when they get it right.

FORWARD...the Revolution continues!

ps. someone frontpage this puppy!

I must admit

that I'm quite surprised by Savage on this one.

I know he isn't behind Dr. Paul 100%, but at least he's beginning to see the implications of this latest act of tyranny. I'd love for him to finally 'get' what the War on Terror really is, though that may be asking too much too soon.

I said in a previous thread about Savage that a leopard doesn't change his spots and to be careful of him, but maybe, MAYBE there is hope for him. I still think he's wrong more often than not when it comes to our foreign policy, but at least he's able to admit when he's wrong (most of the time).

PS: I see he still likes to berate and hang up on callers the second they disagree with him. >_>

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Thank You Michael !! Obamas Ego Got The Best Of Him...AGAIN!

President Barack H. Obama AKA, Barry Soetoro, murdered a U.S. citizen, Anwar Alawaki, without due process of law, thinking he could score some major points and resurrecting his failed presidency. Obama has opened himself up to an impeachable offense, without taken thought that Awalaki was not just a bad guy, but a U.S. citizen that was never formally charged with a any kind of crime. If he gets away with this, he can have any U.S. citizen murdered just by proclaiming that person an enemy combatant without proof of a crime.

Yes, it sounds like

Ron Paul brought Michael Savage around on this issue. No Ron Paul, no change of opinion for Michael Savage. How many times has RP marched alone into public opinion with an unpopular stance, and brought people on board? This one speaks directly to the illegality of the war on terror. A turning for the intransigent mass of Republican party faithful that gives life to the neocon view of pre-emption and exceptionalism?

Michael Savage a.k.a.

Michael Alan Weiner is another (popular) propagandist. Agree with Dr. Paul because you should not because it will help promote your book. I can do without this guy.

"Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is argument of tyrants. It is the creed of slaves." William Pitt in the House of Commons November 18, 1783
"I know major allies who fund them" Gen. Dempsey referring to ISIS

Also note, that...

... he admits that on Friday he applauded Obama, but (obviously being enlightened by Dr. Paul) over the weekend came to his senses. Now if only Hanity would do the same, have the humility to be corrected.

I would argue that even if he was not a citizen, or if that issue was in doubt, by assassinating him when with the help of Yemen he could have been captured, we have not been made safer. This action just inflames more hatred and acts as an incentive for other radicals to step into his shoes.

I prefer the Jesus way: Do not repay evil with evil. Do good to those who hate you. Love your enemies. Blessed are the Peacemakers. (Personified by Dr. Paul.) We are doing far more damage to our reputation, to our finances, to our military and to our collective psyche than would be the case if we followed the advice of our Founding Fathers. We have lost the moral high-ground. We could regain it by electing Dr. Paul as our next President.

Plano TX

wise words....

'I prefer the Jesus way: Do not repay evil with evil. Do good to those who hate you. Love your enemies. Blessed are the Peacemakers. (Personified by Dr. Paul.) We are doing far more damage to our reputation, to our finances, to our military and to our collective psyche than would be the case if we followed the advice of our Founding Fathers. We have lost the moral high-ground. We could regain it by electing Dr. Paul as our next President.'

why do so many fail to see the simple truth?

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Could not say it better my self


1976-1982 USMC, Having my hands in the soil keeps me from soiling my hands on useless politicians.

Over the weekend..

... Christians were the most vocal and mean-spirited in their support of Obama's judge-jury-and-executor deed on the comment boards. One Christian (he made reference in one post to sitting in church and scriptural phraseology to make some of his points) called me a baby-killer. I had to remind him that my wife volunteers at a pregnancy resource center, saving one baby at a time through counseling, perhaps the best, most practical and only way of dealing with the issue of abortion - the Jesus way. Some people confuse the true church with a $501(c) "charity" that operates out of a building with a steeple.

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