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It is ALL about restoring the original Constitution.

The Constution is what should be OCCUPING the halls of government. Occuping Wallstreet will not help but promote more chaos. All the trouble we see our Country having are because the Constitution was ignored. For years, and through many Presidential administrations , which have circumvented or abused the power given by executive order.
RESTORE the Constitution and we will get rid of most our problems.

This is what the Elite do not want you to realize .
They have created diversions from the TRUTH of our plight.
They want progressivism and socialism for their control.

Take up your cross and follow the independant that built this Country. BE an Adult. Think for yourself .
The very reason they talked us into DEBT is that we no longer think for ourself. They think for us. Take responsiblility for your own actions and accept BAD decisions for what they are. Learning to THINK as an ADULT and individual. Which goes against the Communist manifesto.

The very BASIS of the U.S. Constitution. The Constitution was made FOR Adults. It was made for thinkers.

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Has it ever occured to you

that the reason we are in such sad shape is because the constitution is flawed?

I'm just saying: the

I'm just saying: the "original Constitution" legalized slavery.

Just throwing that fact out there.

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