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MODERATORS where are you?

DP is being infiltrated by new comers who promote Occupy WS. You better get a grip. There needs to be some moderation, DP is being inundated with outside rehtoric.

Sensorship is one thing, but to let Occupy dominate the Board is another thing. What is happening to DP ?

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"outside" rhetoric ... on the DP?

really? oh, my my, whatever shall we do?

the solution

is simple:

Improve the voting system to remove links to posts with -3 or more from showing on the front page.

No moderators needed, problem solved.

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how you would actually do

how you would actually do this is simple from a coding standpoint.

1) identify each query that returns results that are displayed on the front page such as 'active forum topics'
2) add a
WHERE votes > '-3'
to the end of the query.

(of course replace 'votes' with the name of your field for vote total)
and you're done.

- you never have to censor - the bad topics still show in the forums so folks can 'educate' as much as they like
- site moderates itself
- we stop giving tons of attention to every negative post via the 'active topics' thread.

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Voting it down is OK for those of us who have been here.

But DP get thousands of visits from younger members and visiters who may not realize the differing views.
We need to protect the DP intgrity. Put the current rehtoric in moderation mode. We have an onslaught of Occupy posts. That is all I propose.

We have to look at who is promoting what, and do we know the FACTS. It is happening NOW, not later.


This is the second time that I have seen this spelling of that word, are you a foreigner?

Another board I post on has just got infected by one of these

trolls. They have a P&R section on there that I respectfully promote RP's ideals on. Recently, an outsider who doesn't ever participate in the sport the board is made for, has infiltrated and is creating havoc by slandering RP any way he can with lies/misquotes, and also supports the establishment viewpoint any chance he gets. He's disrespectful and drives everyone crazy. People on the board has found him to be doing the same thing on other forums as well. His twitter text has him saying he'd like to kill teabaggers and pile up the bodies. He also has a pic of himself dressed like Fidel Castro smoking a cigar. I'm pretty positive he's being paid by the establishment as I can't figure out why one would do such a thing otherwise.

This Guy Sounds Like A Ron Paul Supporter, To Me.

However, mainstream will never show this guy:



Vote it down..don't reply...or educate...

those are our choices. We don't need no stinking mods... :O)

The influx of people from the protest is crazy though...but then what else do they have to do?

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Vote it down if you like

...or better yet, don't respond to the article.

Real eyes realize real lies

We want our country back

Every year is a year for Ron Paul!

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We are all mods. Agree, disagree, educate, or let the story die

...are some of the options. The mods are around, and they look for spam, offensive, or inflammatory posts. Besides that, members can post what they want, but it's up to all of us to do the moderating. Let's all take some responsibility here to expose the truth as well as what isn't. If everything was removed that was in the "gray-zone," that would make for a pretty boring website. Sometimes the questionable posts become the real truth with the vetting process brought by the members. I trust the people here to root-out both the truth and the lies. Lets give them a chance to do so, IMO.

thank you--

after all, don't liberty lovers believe in individual choice and accountability?

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

I agree

It was through these kinds of debates I stopped being a Neocon. The media especially Fox news is trying to make this a left/right thing. It's not If we back away from this and not raise our educated voices then the banksters will get cover for their crimes against the American people.

Patriot News
Stand up For your Civil Rights


the subject happens to be 9/11 Truth, and then it's dumped in the trash, presumably because "it embarrasses somebody and they want to protect Dr. Paul". That gets called "all fine and good".

However, it seems to be perfectly "unembarrassing" to have discussion and even exhortations for consorting with the worst possible form of communism and enemies of America and the Constitution, and the free market system, in a well-publicized far left demonstration, and that's "okay" and should have a "hands off" policy so it can be "self moderated". No concerns about "protecting Dr Paul" from being associated with this garbage pile on Wall St. Apparently no worries about RP being tagged as a communist by tying him to this world communist movement when he's running on the Republican ticket?

I get it.

If I may chime in....

I agree that 9/11 truth threads shouldn't be pushed into the off-topic section or deleted. If they're popular, then let them stay, and if not, off the front page they go like any other thread.

But, again I find myself saying that if RP supporters think they can turn some of these big gov lovers onto Dr. Paul, then go for it. Some of those people want flat out Communism, there's no denying that, but some just want answers and are still under the very wrong impression that more government is one of them.

Personally, I think it's largely a wasted effort to try talking to them (VERY headache inducing in my experience), but I'm not going to prevent anyone else from doing so. I have enough faith in Ron Paul supporters that they're not going to suddenly turn around and embrace Communism or Socialism or some other big gov nonsense.

A signature used to be here!

Just wait

until the neocons get ahold of this,along with some photos off the TV where an RP2012 sign is in the same demonstration with a pack of communist signs like "Workers of the World, Unite", and see what they do with those.
If you think "Blame America" is bad, this is like sticking his head into a noose.

And in the end, 99% of any of the few converts that might get picked-up will end up voting for Obama anyway, because they are peer-group controlled, and that's who all their friends want. And we'll be lucky if we have a candidate left to vote for, after the neocons get thru with this.
Many people don't even know what a "9/11 Truther" is.
But, EVERYBODY knows what a communist is.

I don't think you're wrong

in saying that the MSM and the neocons would have a field day lumping a few RP supporters with these people ("RP supports terrorists AND Communists!"), but as far as I was, I didn't wave the flag of Ron Paul when I attended and tried to talk with some protestors, because I thought the same thing (though I did bring him up a few times).

I just don't want anyone there to fall for into the trap that government is there to help, to solve everyone's problems, etc. Perhaps it isn't my business to try helping them, but I just hate to think that people are going to trade one set of lies for another. I dunno, it just bothers me a bit.

But again, I see your point.

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Hmmm, I wonder if there

is any way to turn this to our advantage? If the military soldiers start saying "Thank me, by Voting Ron Paul" that could just about drive neocons insane. lol

I see your point BigT but I guess it will weigh on what Ron Paul has to say about all of this.

I have a feeling that he would be proud of his young people out there with the people and opening up discussions on so many important issues. It sure beats attacking one another
and he would probably say "he can't control people and wouldn't want too".

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

Just remember this.

These communists and sympathizers are not rookies at this game.
In the last 100 years, they have killed over 100 million people and enslaved vast sections of the planet under an iron fist.

I humbly suggest that this group here is not prepared to engage a force of this level of organized evil.
I recommend to stay away because our rookie mistakes won't be missed by these experienced operatives.
A starry-eyed idealistic bunny rabbit is nothing more than lunch-meat for these people running this show.
It took their infiltrators only few hours to virtually take control of this site and begin moving people at their direction, with the people thinking they are "helping the cause".
Take it from an old hand, this group ain't ready for this yet.

I agree SteveMT

I'm a big boy and can decide for myself what I want to see, hear, etc., without someone wanting to "protect" me from harm from some nefarious, malevolent enemy they can't quite define. Sound familiar?

I've seen enough do-gooders and wanna-be dictators on here for one day....

Oh, and I've only been a member of DP for about 7 weeks so my post may not have any substantive merit to it yet....I'm not sure when benefits kick in....

"For having lived long, I have experienced many instances of being obliged, by better information or fuller consideration, to change opinions, even on important subjects, which I once thought right but found to be otherwise." - Benjamin Franklin

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The benefit is wisdom, and that will kick in soon for you.

You're doing great from your posts, and you are welcome here.

Thx Steve

That part of my comment was a little tongue-in-cheek.....lol!

I'm 45 yrs. old so...I don't sweat the little stuff at this point in life.....it's all good...

I appreciate the encouragement though...we all need it on occasion.....I would much rather do that than tear someone down.

"For having lived long, I have experienced many instances of being obliged, by better information or fuller consideration, to change opinions, even on important subjects, which I once thought right but found to be otherwise." - Benjamin Franklin

I suggest the mods

watch the members trying to keep people away from a Occupy movement that clearly has targeted corporate/political corruption and THE FEDERAL RESERVE. The Fed is occupied in Chicago and Boston, this started long before Alex Jones suggested it. Seems some members here ignored these FACTS.

Ron Paul on Occupy Wall Street:
“But I think that the majority of them think government is the problem and taxes are too high and they know that the Federal Reserve plays a role in this, which, of course, is something I agree with.”

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How does OWS embrace the Constitution or RP's principles?

Oh chee wiz that is a tough one isn't it?

Got to go

catch up later. Please Think politics, ouside "our" box.


Gee, thanks for telling me which thoughts are acceptable and which are not! Now where have I heard THAT line of thought before?

I love your "outside rhetoric" comment btw. Wow, does hearing a differing opinion bother you that much? Do you not think others are able to discern truth from lies and therefore MUST be protected?

Now I know I heard that line of thought somewhere else too...

Seriously, re-read some of your recent posts, and reflect on how you're coming off.

Sure, a lot of these protestors come off as ignorant jackassess, and most are probably beyond help, as their faith in big gov love cannot (or will not) be shaken. But, to go around accusing any and all who even dare try and support/convert them or look at "outside rhetoric" or escape *our* (read: YOUR) precious little box is madness, and goes against the very principles so many of us here are fighting for.

Here's a hint: Not everyone who disagrees with you is controlled opposition. Not everyone who disagrees with you is a CIA infiltrator or an agent of the NWO or a Zionist puppet or whatever else.

I enjoy many of your posts POW, I really do. So consider this; how does going around accusing those who disagree with you, and "warning" everyone else of a threat that may or may not exist help do to anything besides fearmonger? Also consider that during speculation, you can only be as wrong as you allow yourself to be.

But hey, what do I know? I've only been here for a mere 14 weeks so I'm probably just a super secret spy sent here by the Reptilian overlords to spy on the sheeple, right?!

Seriously, calm down.

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These people are in the streets wanting to have a discussion

Now go educate them ... they are saying there is something wrong ... we need to provide the answers to them.

Patriot News
Stand up For your Civil Rights

IT is THEIR discussion

not ours'. It is their function , it is their leadership's message . Ron Paul is not there. It did not originate with Ron Paul. It is not his forum.

Why would you want to give away our numbers?
They have their own purpose which purpose is not ours'.
They are not there to discuss, they are there to OCCUPY.

wrong, WE have occupied the Fed in several cities,

you have done nothing but try and keep Americans away from the protest. Think about it?

Ron Paul on Occupy Wall Street:
“But I think that the majority of them think government is the problem and taxes are too high and they know that the Federal Reserve plays a role in this, which, of course, is something I agree with.”

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the mods are right where they need to be...


seems like some people are very afraid of literal "protests" in the streets

did you think it would not happen?

had many of you been here more than a couple of weeks you would have learned that this type of protest was inevitable

are they perfect? no
are they the enemy of my enemy? yes
are you making any headway in discrediting them here? HELL NO

when the "system" is found to be "broken" who do you suppose will be left to pick up the pieces?
perry? romney? obama?
NO NO and NO

How about a man that has stood the test of time for our constitution?
How about a man with real solutions?
Maybe this is what some of you newcomers are really afraid of...peace, prosperity, and hope for our children.

Ron Paul

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

It's nice to see all you veteran Daily Paulers

comment on this thread! All good points :)