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Fox Poll: Who is the Republican Front Runner?

Fox poll.

Ron Paul is other.


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Bump for other


All they're going to do is

All they're going to do is ommit "other" when they broadcast and claim Cain the victor.

what a joke

suddenly the "two-man" race becomes a "three man" race as soon as they are able to push Paul off the 3rd place in their own polls !!

Dr.Ron Paul's 2002 Predictions

You'd think these goons would get the message,

we don't want no dang status quo! Nice poll running on U.S News and World Reports (politics page). Ron's killing them!

alan laney

Go other! 2012!


LOL...Other is kicking butt

LOL...Other is kicking butt now! :)

Cain won one straw poll, and

Cain won one straw poll, and now they try and prop him up on this big horse.


Herman Cain 38.03%
Rick Perry 5.84%
Mitt Romney 24.07%
Other 32.05%

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Ron Paul 2012...and beyond

Other { RON PAUL } is at 31.8 % at this hour.

But, Mr. Cain is still leading.


I voted for that


Cain is dropping and Paul is

Cain is dropping and Paul is at 25% at 2 pm EST.

I'm done with this too.


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Send the Link to Jon Stewart

This is ridiculous.

Makes me assume this has been going on all my life, and only now, with the 'net, have we exposed the hypocracy and bias of the media.

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Stop with the Fox Polls!!!!!!!!!

Stop answering these GD polls...Screw O'Reily and Fox!!

Why give these bastards the satisfaction!!!!

What a joke poll...they don't

What a joke poll...they don't even have all the candidates on it! REALLY CREDIBLE....LOL!

Post this everywhere

We were at 8.1% @ 12:00 CST

We're now at 11% in 20 minutes!

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