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Investigative Analysis: Occupy Wall Street General Assembly Direct Attack on the American Constitution

This journalist, Jamie Jo Corne, from presstorm wrote this article which was taken down along with her links to Agenda 21 found in the article. This is for all of you here on DailyPaul who are thinking about helping this group in anyway; you may want to reconsider after reading.


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They shouldn't help

them, they should take over it.

To truly take this over

To truly take this over people would have to become part of the General Assembly; the only problem is that the General Assembly selects who can be part of the General Assembly. So, it is impossible to actually take it over. The only thing one does by going to these rallies is to project a more influential amount of support and power than those who operate the General Assembly actually have.

Here is a question for you; If the government decided to actually ask OWS for advice, who would they ask the General Assembly (the organizers) or the individual street protestors? One should support OWS if they believe in the list of demands put forth by the General Assembly. If you do not believe in the demands of the General Assembly then you are being used.

Here check this article out:

Occupy Wall Street: A Globalist Op?
How can a Movement funded by Globalists end the Globalist Scheme to Enslave the World?