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Ron Paul on FOX with Megyn Kelly 10/4/11


from Facebook:

Ron Paul
I'll be on Fox News with Megyn Kelly at 2PM today.

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I guess so, but she still

I guess so, but she still didn't get it.."Welp. tysm for being here"..LOL
Your country is DYING, your LIBERTY is being USURPED, Incrementally all your rights are being TAKEN AWAY and YOU could easily be next on the HIT list for assassination with NO trial..tnks for coming in, Sir, have a nice night..geeze

there are two issues

that id like to bring to everyone's attention...this is what happens when you read things that you personally don't research and look like an idiot in front of everyone...but its alright Ron Paul educated the news anchor. that's what we have to do as well...not get upset with others ignorance and arrogance but rather educate and lead them in the right direction like Ron Paul! and secondly... when she referred to him at sir..."best of luck to your sir" doesn't she mean DR? best of luck to you DR RON PAUL. we love to DR. RON PAUL PRESIDENT 2012.


Good Choice of Words!

So glad Ron Paul uses code to Fox: " You have FAILED. Good job in clarifying that the media creates their own story. She sounded like a desparate child bringing up that prior case. How do these people live in their own skin? They have to know that they're engaging in media fraud and selling out their fellow Americans, really the entire planet. Keep the faith and remember there's only 2 emotions in the world: Love or Fear- everything else is a derivitive of those 2! So what's it going to be?


Kelly smack down, why do they even bother trying to make our guy look bad when in the end they are the ones getting pawned. Fox Sux and the people behind these networks are the real terrorists. Fox Sux. RP2012

9/11 was an inside job .....time to get some answers..RP 2012

FOX is targetting Ron

Wolf Blitzer's question on the last debate was designed to distort and demagogue Ron's message.

Equally - Cavuto tried to denounce him with a carefully prepared hit.

And now - Megyn Kelly did.

At first there is some seemingly appreciative banter, THEN comes the veiled attack.

We know that Roger Ailes is the mastermind of Fox News - and we know that all anchors get a DAILY set of instructions from him.

Even though the hosts might like Ron personally ("converts"), they carry out these hits on behalf of their master.

Also the withholding of the FED question from Ron during the last debate.
And the Perry brabble about money printing being "almost treasonous" and social security being what it is -

all this is a strategic effort to CONTAIN Ron.

I think it happens in large part because they are afraid of a repetition of the Barry Goldwater failure against scoundrel-Lyndon -
do not completely repel Ron and us - but also make him appear "out-of-touchy" enough that he can not "take over the Republican party" - like Lindsay Graham feared we would.

It appears they fear us much more, than we realize :)

Also they credit us with a lot of power.

Remember already in 2007 to Giuliani "Ron Paul supporters ... were everywhere. [in exasperation] everywhere."

Also Bill O'Reilly and Dick Morris feel that Ron is LOVED - while they feel PALE and unloved.

Ron at least partially knows all that.
He knows, when he goes on these networks,
to "take a lot of hits" -
with only ONE goal - put the message out.

Completely fearless, undaunted, unflinching - against the odds - RON puts out the message.

as they are trying to hit him - he is using them .

so much guts - it is unbelievable.

I am ashamed of not doing the same everyday.

Peter Buchmann

Occupy Wall St

I am not sure why Ron Paul supporters are not more active on http://www.facebook.com/OccupyWallSt. The true nature of this movement is not clear, and from time to time it appears as it is designed to detract attention from End the Fed initiative which is spreading. However, Occupy Wall St facebook page is a good public forum to spread some facts, and should be utilized to the full extent. I am surprised that it has not been used by Ron Paul supporters who are otherwise very active on the Internet. Some comments from Ron Paul supporters appear, but they typically get negative replies. I would expect many pro-Ron supporters who would support pro-Ron comments and give many thumbs up and positive replies. Also, often pro-Ron comments on this facebook site are very superficial without the arguments that can be found on Daily Paul, for instance. In addition, the pro-Ron comments should focus more on common standings to amplify them and bring back attention to them in this way: no more wars, end the Fed. In summary, let's be more active on Occupy Wall St facebook page, even though Fed might be behind it, which would be actually one more reason to be active there.

megyn was schooled

she thought that she had ron paul cornered when she asked and enumerate the execution of spies during roosevelt time including an american citizen. she didnt see the answer from paul coming right smack n her face that the big difference was at that time a declaration of war was cited compare to the situation right now that there was no due process. can we imagine if this arguement propagate and become accepted and be norm in this country? they can just label someone as terrorist and ask for some drone to strike them, very unfortunate, unthinkable and very dangerous. i hope megyn will wake up and abandon the propaganda they are doing, with the only real candidate that america has got Ron Paul. dont be an instrument of propagating false perception to ron paul, present him as he is. dont suggest that ron paul is just 4th, where do u get ur data? it doesnt reflect the real world. just because u own the media u want monopoly on what should be true? u are suppose to report facts. sadly this is not true in fox station nevertheless u cannot contain the TRUTH which is Ron Paul.

"When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty."

I think Megyn is partial to Ron Paul

She can be a lot more engaging. She, out of all the Fox folks, tends to show more respect to Ron Paul, kind of like a Grand Father figure. Let's not bash everybody that interviews Ron Paul. No doubt about it, Ron Paul is quick on his feet. It's amazing all Americans can't see the virtue in him.........it says a lot about what this Country has become.

alan laney

Dr. Paul is so FUCKING SMART

Dr. Paul is so FUCKING SMART it still amazes me. After years of listening to the man, when the media pulls their gotcha BS, he still nails it out of the park. From the left and the right. We need this man to be president. BLACK THIS OUT !!!

Didn't she say they were

Didn't she say they were tried and found within 7 weeks to deserve to be put to death?

That made no sense.


will this guy ever fail to amaze me ?
his knowledge of history, foreign policy and economics just blows my mind !!

Dr.Ron Paul's 2002 Predictions



small pieces of socialism will eventually turn into communism

Go Ron Paul

Megan rehearsed her crappy line about German spies and all she got for it was humble pie. All the defenders of unconstitutional actions always bring up red herrings. It's pathetic.

Someone's windshield has a ball in it

Home Run!

Ron Paul on Fox

I love seeing him on Fox or any other TV news program. He never disappoints and can always be counted on to tell the truth and support the constitution.

Pave America with gold liberty

in our lifetimes.

Man that was simply sensible.

Yesterday I got in contact with a commie friend of mine (yes we argue constantly and never agree but it's great fun and he's a great guy :), he was at the OWS during the Brooklyn bridge roundup. His take was spitting lava. He was so pissed. He confirmed that NYPD deliberately ushered the mass lurch onto the streets specifically for the excuse to mass arrest and get 'that' on the news.

He implored me that there were a lot more of "my type" than the media admits, that they pick and choose statements from the 'crowd'.

I'm a little busy with working two jobs.. both critical deadlines.. (I guess I should be thankful to work 16 hour days)

But that said.. I'm interested so I'll be in NYC camping out as soon as I provide my customers with the quality and expertise they need. Probly this Fri barring unexpected fires.

Is she being dense on purpose?

She asked him a question about enemy combatants THAT WERE *TRIED*. (Sam Kinison yell)

*facepalm* If you are going to do a 'gotcha' question, please do it right at least. Bahahahahaha

Ron must have thought that

Ron must have thought that was way too obvious to even answer that they were "TRIED", versus just killed by decree.

I thought it was blatantly obvious

Hopefully other viewers besides us noticed that. But then the ones freaking out about RP's comments regarding this issue don't seem to notice much.

Megyn Kelly is just a pretty face with an IQ like Forest Gump

They have her host her own show because she is cute and little sexy. She is good for ratings..PERIOD!!

Do you honestly believe she has half a brain? She is your proto typical ignorant blond..

Kelly = Robot

Well, when one is connected to the hive this is what you get lol


Ron Paul's Sincerity and Principles...

always shine through, no matter what the question. He is so consistent in his defense of the Constitution, it awes me. We've got to put this doctor in the house - the White House.


This man is awesome. You know that in the next debates they are going to try and spin this on Paul hard by saying "you support this man!" and "you support al queda!"

Great wording Mr. Paul. Your the man!

Ron Paul I will be on Freedom

Ron Paul
I will be on Freedom Watch with Judge Andrew Napolitano at 8PM Eastern on Fox Business tonight.

reedr3v's picture

Post a link for the TV challenged;

there are many of us.

Nobody is defending this guy.

Nobody is defending this guy. All that Ron Paul is saying, and that I am saying is, our politicians need to follow the law. And the law is, American citizens are entitled to an open, public trial. To do otherwise is tyranny. Allowing a president to declare an American citizens an "enemy combatant" and have him murdered without due process of law is a felony. We are not speaking of a criminal who is killed in the act, and even then, there is supposed to be and investigation to determine the legality of the killing.

If you kill a burglar, the police are going to investigate to determine whether of not the killing was justified. The fact that you believe the guy next door is involved in murdering people in your neighborhood is not justification for you to shoot him. If you believe that he is involved in criminal activity, there are authorities with the legal authority to deal with him. And they don't kill him because you think he is guilty. They will arrest him if they have probable cause, and then he may face an open, public trial. If he is found guilty, he may go to jail, or he may be executed.

Regardless of what the crime is, everyone is entitled to their day in court. The day we allow a president to determine guilt without a trial is the day we submit to dictatorship.

The day that we are declared

The day that we are declared enemy combatants by our govt is what concerns those who want our govt to follow the rule of law.

Hear! Hear!

I wish I'd said that!

Freedom is my Worship Word!

Its not just citizens, its

Its not just citizens, its ANY person accused of a crime... unless you want to change the Constitution and have any foreigner committing a crime here just go directly to prison or shot after being accused of a crime..

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...