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Why the debate?

I have noticed a huge debate on the forum about whether or not to protest in the OccupyWallstreet movement.

I agree that there are a lot of protestors being distracted by special interest groups (unions, feminists, socialists etc).

However, it seems that all critical thinkers (would-be RP supporters) are being attracted to the movement and the movement is still lacking a concensus.

This is the golden opportunity to educate these people!

I can see that some people are scared this movement will become our enemy and are avoiding it like the plague. But there is no way anyone can call us RP supporters a socialist. None of OUR kind will ever be sucked into these special interest agendas! So what is there to lose?

Someone said it would be a waste of efforts for electing Paul. You think at least attempting to educate people isn't campaigning for Ron Paul!? I live in a town that is nearly impossible to get a foothold in. My efforts are being wasted here because there is no outlet here!

So, I have decided, that I am personally going to direct my activism to Alex Jones' new spin on the movement, #OccupytheFed. This seems like a compromise to EVERYONE here because it could become the LARGEST SIGN BOMB EVER! Yes, media will focus on the commies but alternative media knows where the real movement is! It is time to unlock minds on a massive scale!

I don't care if you try to discredit me in anyway in order to diminish the value of my advice. Give me -100 on the bump meter for all I care. My mind is made up. I have decided that the best way for ME to get the word out is to try to talk to these people!

I can see how the media is trying to paint the movement into the left/right paradigm but these people are BEGGING for answers and being distracted by "special interest groups." We have to fight this!


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