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Does anyone else find it extremely disturbing that Cain is surging when it should be RP. All these PPP polls are now essentially saying he's the front runner.

How is it possible that someone with next to no experience could be even considered? The dude barely did anything in the business world, he only knows how to count on his fingers to 5 which is how he defines every plan he has.

This is going to be a really sad election cycle of things continue like this.

1. Identify the problem
2. Surround yourself with the right people
3. Come up with a common sense solution
4. Implement the solution
5. Hope that it works!

Cain 2012! wtffff

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Dont worry

He's just the flavor of the week for the media to try to prop up. They did the same thing with Perry. Look how that's turning out. The same thing will happen with Cain.

He's got no real substance and as more candidates drop out and he has to talk for more than 30-45 sec at a time people will realize that he is really in over his head. His lack of experience & real political knowledge will eventually become too obvious to ignore.


Yah about the amount of press is insane...

today in the press for RP you see only one article about ron speaking of impeachment.

A sign of the time

or, a manipulation, possibly catering to the sign of the time.

A lot has to do with Perry sinking,

but there is still much sifting to do. These unsettled folks just jump from horse to horse. They are pretty much afraid to join in with Ron Paul now, and the press is doing their best to keep it that way. But Cain, just like Perry, and eventually Romney will have a lot of baggage. They can try and throw mud at Ron Paul all they want, but when your true to your convictions, and they happen to be supported by the Constitution, not much is going to stick.

alan laney

When Paul was third, they

When Paul was third, they left him out totally. The polls and winners of the debates have been sensored all along. It really is frustrating. We are fighting the whole establishment, brainwashed TV viewers, warpigs, etc. not just the other candidates. The others are not up against this. That considered we have come a really long way. We're going to have ups and downs.