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Money in the bank? hell no! Safe deposit box? NOT

SWAT Teams In St. Louis Protecting Bank Of America, Preventing Customers From Withdrawing


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Wow, I never saw this

I wonder if he ever got his money out? Hope he put it in a credit union. I don't think they will give your money, you have to have it transferred to another bank or credit union but I could be mistaken about that.

I understand banks keep VERY little cash on hand for customers.

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Old stuff: fact check, please

The original fault lies with the RPForums post, still . . .

The clip is from six weeks ago . . . the sky hasn't fallen quite yet.

No one who knows history would keep things in a bank "safe" deposit box.

Not wise to keep more than a few electronic FRNs in a bank these days...

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Sorry I missed it the first

Sorry I missed it the first time around,but I've watched it 3 times now...still in disbelief!