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Ron Should Start Calling Romney "Unelectable"

I came to a realization the other day - a similarly big loser based on Media and GOP attention is Mitt Romney. The guy is a front runner and, besides calling him that, all the media does is talk about how other candidates are better then him. First it was Perry, when he entered the race, and everyone watched as the media made him out to be a God who far surpassed Romney in everything he did.

Then, when he started to fade out, Cain is now rising to the top spot. Romney is again being left behind in every manner by the GOP and the media as far as the ability to win. He is constantly propped up as a challenger, but not someone who is going to win anything.

Then, to put the icing on the cake, the GOP establishment was CLAMORING for Christie to get in despite Romney being the only front runner who still hasn't botched himself in the race. Instead, when Christie can't get in their second best choice is...Cain? We all know why they won't pick Paul but I do feel bad for Romney. They literally do not want to make him number one.

Therefore, I think Ron should call Romney out on that at some point when someone calls him unelectable. He was elected more times than Romney and neither he nor Romney won the 08 election, so he cuold say that Romney is in the same exact boat except Paul has more of a handicapp.

WHat do you guys think.

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Romney did not win a SINGLE

Romney did not win a SINGLE southern state in the 2008 primary elections.

He can not win in the south. Period. And the GOP knows this.

Romney is a Yankee Mormon to Southern Baptists...

Mormons and Southern Baptists do not mix politically.

I don't think Romney is even capable of winning in Iowa.

Dr. Paul does not have to state the obvious...the record will speak for itself.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.