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Rudy Romney And Fred Perry Are No Longer The "Front Runner," GOP Candidates

Rick Perry more or less used the N word, and Michelle Bachmann got caught downing a corndog. Both of their campaigns are now basically over.

Amazing, but true...so....

"Mitt Romney? Who? What about Chris Christie? He's not running!? Oh no..."

How obvious is it that the establishment GOP is acting like a desperate crack addict looking for their next quick political fix?

They can't find it, so they keep going back to Romney who they know can't win in the south.

Romney did not win a single southern state primary election in 2008.

Enter Ron Paul and Herman Cain.

Deal with it, GOP.

And get used to it.

The old media's "top tier," has gone the way of
Giuliani and Thompson.

Goodbye, Rick. Goodbye Mitt.

Hello Ron Paul!