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The keyboard is mightier than the sword!

We have all learned a great deal of information about things in the world that have pissed us off, we have all dealt with financial losses obviously from corruption and greed and most likely beyond all of that, the need for control, after all if you have all the money I am guessing that can get boring too, I can't say for sure, I never have had close to all of it or even a blip on the radar for that matter.
Our strength in this r3VOLution has always been the willingness to educate ourselves, either by ourself or through the words of another on here or wherever. I realize it would have been so easy to go off the handle while watching our country get dismantled, and our very lives with it, but we did not. The power of the pen is now the power of the keyboard, and we can pen the new term, "The keyboard is mightier than the sword!",now.
Violence ends conversation, it ends ideas, and ends lives. There is times for force when it is the only option left, but force on the right side of things brings force from the wrong side of things which creates an outcome in which we lose.
The r3VOLution has created every oppossition to every evil we see being played out right now, even down to this Occupy Wallstreet, we created it through education and knowledge and belief in honor and integrity. Occupy Wallstreet does not hold the cards to how this will play out, we do because we started this.
Let us all take time away from our keyboards from time to time and educate those searching for education. Occupy Wallstreet amongst many other groups out there even the 9/12ers, the so called liberals(I hate that term) are just looking for knowledge. They don't understand the underlying concepts of the mess, they just see people getting screwed when it should not be the case. People are in poverty because of a corrupt system, and some people believe it is because someone is too rich, when it really is because someone is too corrupt.
Violence creates a solution in which education stops and kills the messenger. We need to keep educating everyone we can, especially the Occupy Wallstreet crowd as far as immediate situations. We are firmly planted, our roots go deep, we can engage these groups without a chance of being persuaded, we know who we are, we know what the problem is. Let us educate all that are looking for answers because lack of answers leads to a surplus of violent solutions which in the end stops the education and gives the power to the people that make the laws and that pay the people who enforce them. Keep up the great work everyone!!!! They cannot stop our minds!!!!

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Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!