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*Just Logic: Black This Out! Are you doing everything you can?

Just wanted to remind everyone to do everything you can to support the Black This Out event. Donating alone isn't enough we must spread the word.

This is up to you and I.

If you believe in the revolution then commit yourself wholeheartedly to this event for the next several days, dedicate your spare time to informing people about the event and what it stands for. Rally support to the banner of freedom. Every day post this on your facebook, in forums, in comments to articles, on you tube, on twitter and on your blog. Then to your friends, family and community in person. Get everyone you can to pledge. When the time comes DONATE, I know some of us are broke, but don't dismiss this one. Find a way...

This isn't about Ron Paul, it's about "We The People" sending a message to the media and the establishment. This is David vs. Goliath.

I just made a blog post regarding Black This Out with links pointing to the proper destinations. The more articles there are online the more chances there are that people will see the event is going on.

Ideas for digital activism:

Forums (every forum you have an account to)
Articles Comment Sections
You Tube Comment Section


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people step up! :)

people step up! :)

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