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Epic foreign policy interview with Rand Paul explaining his father's positions on the Hugh Hewitt show..

A whole bunch of uneducated neocons commenting on this. They sincerely need an education and some down thumbing. (Please give educated fact based responses and forget the name calling.)


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Rand Paul is an inside job

This is one cup of tea the Neocons greatly deserve!


I hope Rand keeps doing exactly what he is doing.

Rand Paul believes

that he can be half con and half constitutionalists. He is young, inexperienced and in politics and down the road he will try to make an alliance with his father's enemies only to become one of them.

There is no such a thing as the gray side of the force Senator Paul. Do or do not, there is no try.

The Libertarian Party, irrelevant since 1971.

I like Rand but I think he's

I like Rand but I think he's walking a real fine line here.

He disagrees with Ron on the assassination of Awlaki because it happened on foreign soil?

He is also advocating that we continue our world police position but that we should do it with drone planes instead of troops. It's almost as if he's suggesting that we can keep our foreign policy, but that we should find cheaper ways to do it.

Also, there quite a few times were Rand should have politely told this scumbag to F___ off and then walk off the set due to his complete rudeness toward his father.

Sometimes he says things that are totally right on but he lost me on this stuff. He's not definitive enough in his views.

I tried to leave a comment, but couldn't.

I'd like to know why Rand gives this jerk the time of day? He & his followers will never come over to Ron's side, so why waste any time on him? I thought he was positively rude & arrogant to Rand, and that at some point Rand should have turned the jerk's questions on him. Instead, Rand seemed to be almost saying, "I see your point." If Hewitt was talking about my Dad, and my Dad was Ron Paul, I think I would have wanted to slap him in the face & walk out.

Just imagine if you were in Rand's place. Would you have taken half that crap?

Its stunning...

I particularly dislike how Rand kisses Levin's ass when he goes on that show, along with Glenn Beck- telling them how much he loves their books. I don't know what to make of it, but Hannity and their-types do believe that Rand is "on their side"

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"Terrorism is the war of the poor, while war is the terrorism of

I think Rand is being tactical

I don't like it either, I would prefer he slap them across the face, but I'm not sure how helpful that would be.

Fair Comment.

thanks, I made a similar comment below, slap Hugh's face for being rude to Ron, the honorable.

Loyalty + Principles are important for a public figure.

Faulty Report.

No 'epic' here, check the meaning of the word. People in the media habitually exaggerate, give fancy titles to attract the reader.
Ron Paul's declared policy is - "Bring the troops home", non-intervention, no bases overseas, and that the bombings & drone attacks lead to "blow-back".
Rand Paul does Not mention these points in the interview, hear him from minutes 7:30, he differs very much from his father's position, - when he is asked about al'CIA'da. Rand wants a mobile force to hit anywhere in the world, and have such a force (based) in Afghanistan, at 9:00 minutes.
No'one would give a minutes attention to Rand if he was not Ron's son. Ron built up a reputation for principles & consistency, a trust developed over 30 years. Rand is a pragmatist. Ron has the spiritual touch, Rand is disconnected.

Give Rand credit for facing a tough and aggressive Hugh. Rand should have given the back-side of his hand to the face of Hugh, after the way he spoke about Ron. Ron Paul has made his position very clear, no mincing words, and we have it on DP =


Dimwit Alqueda cheerleader extraordinaire. Fuck this guy Rand should have cursed out this neo-con sorry ass.

9/11 was an inside job .....time to get some answers..RP 2012

He did well

I think he did well. I am still wary of Rand (probably because he's overly cautious so it comes off as dishonest at times) so I am still very careful about him but he did well. This interview is a plus in my book.

He is definitely different than his father in a sense that he's not as blunt and straight talking (one of the reasons we all like Ron Paul) and I'll just have to get used to that. But I can definitely see that there is still the same underlying philosophy there and that's a big plus.

I'll still be following his speeches and interviews until I can make the final decision about him, but this one definitely increased my respect for the man.



Well then

IMO now is the time to take it one step further. The country is ripe right now with hitting the streets and protesting. Where making videos is great. If most of the country is out protesting, who's going to watch them? I think we should create a protest of our own. While the majority of the left is protesting around the country crying about greed and money, We should be starting the largest Anti War protest this country has ever seen. Right now we are setting up at the Federal reserve. So what, are we going to see who can yell the loudest about the money issues? What's more important? Money or human life? The philosophy that reaches the farthest of Ron's is his foreign policy. Lets take the high ground and fight for life while the rest of the country fights for funny money. What say you?

"I have found that being rich is not about having the most but about needing the least"

Here is a great commentary

From WorldNetDaily none the less


Patriot News
Stand up For your Civil Rights


I am dumbfounded time and time again when I see the comments posted on here and on Ron Paul Forums pertaining to Rand.

Do most of you really believe that Rand is so radically different than that of his father's? He is Ron Paul's SON. He has said publicly his father's positions OPENED HIS EYES to the world. He believes in what his father SAYS and DOES.

Rand is very very smart and knows how the main stream media works and understands that in order for him to REALLY, TRULY set himself up for a run in 2016 (if Ron does not get the nod in 2012), he needs to cater to EVERYONE - including the neo-conservatives. (see: Hannity's love for Rand)

I am often disheartened and saddened when I see these posts on here. Have we as a liberty movement lost what we all believe in the most - common sense - when it comes to looking at the bigger picture?

Ron opened ALL of our eyes and built the foundations in our heart for Liberty. If 2012 turns not to be his time, I certainly hope Rand builds the house in 2016. And maybe, just maybe, common sense will enlighten most of you to support the kin of the man who perpetuated the message we all believe in so dearly.

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But listen to your own argument,

I mean you are basically saying that we should support someone because he is kinned to someone else. Forget about the issues!! That has nothing to do with it. Rand is Ron's son according to the flesh. Period. But if you listen to him, he is very little like his father. To say that he would support and endorse someone like Cain, Romney, or Perry totally exposes him. I think he is far different than his father, and only nominally supports him. Ron Paul is anti-establishment. It is a black and white message. And if you are with the Establishment, you certainly cannot be for Paul.

I don't understand this. How do you say you're an RP supporter? Don't you understand that Hannity's love for Rand is evidence against Rand? How can you come on this site and say that catering to the neocons is necessary? What is this common sense that you're advocating? Good grief.

John F

The reason people don't get the ferocity

of our devotion to Ron Paul is because we are looking for leaders who have the ability to see black and white. We're sick and tired of the mealy mouthed Lindsey Graham types who can't understand their written orders. (I'm not saying this about Rand)

I like Rand - but I love Ron - even when I disagree with him - because I KNOW where he stands and I don't have to second guess him.

Predictability is stability - AND a reassurance to those who don't understand - or who are fighting just to stay alive and don't have the time to understand.

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well said


agree pursuit

Rand in the oval office is better than anyone but his dad.

Typical hugh hewitt. its amazing the people we give air time to in this country.

Jackson County Georgia

War is an instrument entirely inefficient toward redressing wrong; and multiplies, instead of indemnifying losses.
Thomas Jefferson

Rand's a politician; Ron's a statesman.

Rand may be more practical, but practical is NOT what we need right now, at least at the leadership level.

Compared to many other

Compared to many other congressmen, Rand is great, but the apple has fallen a bit far from the tree for me to go hog wild over him.

Sorry Rand, I have barely

Sorry Rand, I have barely supported you for some of your other polices and pandering, but THIS:

Hugh: "Would you support WHOMEVER is the Nominee"? Rand: YES!

Really, Rand? You gonna support Romney, Perry of Bachman????

No, Ive lost all my respect. Too much wiggle room for Rand's positions. He wants the bets of both worlds. He wants to cater to the establishment and then he wants to follow his father, but by doing the former, he is not doing the latter.

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

Rand is playing the game..

He must blend in somewhat to appear mainstream, so he isn't as ideologically set as Ron. I would still trust Rand in the whitehouse before anyone other than Ron.

No way, because he would

No way, because he would cave... like he has done in the past... and try to pander to the MSM.. Keep him as senator... Johnson over Rand anytime...

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

I like Rand

But he's clearly not his dad. I think he's deliberately positioned himself in a more politically acceptable light. I don't like his position on the assassinations, the use of drones which he seems to be in favor of.

He's more comfortable working within the system, and it's hard to know where he exactly stands, whereas I know where Ron stands on 99% of the issues, because he follows a set of rules.

To suggest

that Rand would ONLY support his own father as the nominee is foolish. I mean, he is a US Senator and is not affiliated with Ron's campaign. As a Republican, he is right and should support the Republican nominee, Obama's likely successor. The Paul's are not sore losers.

You are 100% right. Rand has

You are 100% right. Rand has a right to support whomever he wants. That does not mean Rand has MY support. If he is just gonna support any republican no matter who, that alone will have me lose my support, the little that I had.

Im with Paul because of his unwavering principals of libertarianism. Im not a republican. Im not a conservative... Im a libertarian and been for over 15 years..

Are you saying you gonna vote for Romney or Cain if PAul doesn't get the nomination??

Sorry, I would vote libertarian then, as I usual do if Paul isn't the nominee.

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

Support of repuklacans

It is Ron Paul or nothing as far as the repuklacans go,if RP doesn`t get the nomination I go third party!Never ever again will I vote for the lesser of two evils!In Liberty Dan

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I hear you, Brian M. We, voters, have unlimited choice.

But you surely don't expect GOP Sen Rand to support Obm, instead of a GOP candidate, would you?

NO - I would expect to to support NO ONE

good lord - must EVERYTHING be spelled out ??

I know, Im not sure why this

I know, Im not sure why this is hard to understand. For me its Paul, Johnson or the libertarian party. In that order. No im not voting for the less evil, like Bachmann or Perry.... no snow ball's chance in hell..

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...