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2/3rds of American military personnel say wars not worth it

Not only do our Military men and women say that the wars are not worth it, they also say the reason why we have terrorism is because we throw our military might around.


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I have mixed feelings about soldiers

I know the concept of having a strong military and chosing to be part of national defense are great things.

But, when you sign up for the military, they own you. Seriously. You give up certain rights. I doubt the recruiting officer tells you that.

You disobey an order from a superior (read Master) and they can do all sorts of things to you that normally they couldn't. Frankly, they used to be able (and probably still can) beat you up. They can cut your pay, transfer you, keep your family away, put you in jail, etc.

How is this not slavery?

In order to just walk away, uou have to sneak out at night like a runaway slave...and you are hunted down like one too.

Or you can just try to stay...and face all sorts of vicious techniques...including declaring you mentally unstable and thus put in a mental institution as a guinea pig for Big Pharm.

Roughly 27% of US military deaths in the past decade have been suicide. That's just crazy.

And you be assured that that 27% is not counted as part of the 2/3's not happy with this war. So it's more like 3/4's not happy. No wonder they support Ron Paul so much.

Our military needs us to liberate them!

U.S. Citi Zen Ship Is Also A Military Rank Under Martial Law

The fourteenth amendment put the City (Washington D.C.) under permanent Martial Law. It also put all territory conquered during the Civil War under Martial Law. At first only the black people from the southern plantations were declared "property" of the United States and given the military designation Warrant Contracting Officer (U.S. citizen). This status is above non commissioned officers but beneath commissioned officers.
So U.S. citizens are property of the now privatized U.S. Government Corporation.
They are corporate debt slaves.
Of course this is bondage and you have a right to tell your oppressor to fuck off. I think Thomas Paine listed the right to tell your master to fuck off in one of his pamphlets....
The way you can do this peacefully is to simply claim you own all equity in the slave name on your SS card, JOHN Q PUBLIC. That slaves name is on your social security card. It is not your name, it is the name of an Estate. You were declared legally dead under social security so the government could steal your life's labor. They claim to own you just like the army owns it's volunteers. Unlike the army you were an infant when your parents sold you into bondage so it was a fraud perpetrated on you as a minor. That means you can put a lien on that Estate and take back control of it, I did.

So a U.S. citizen is a legal fiction just like an army "officer" is a legal fiction. Both are fictions, creations of the state which the State can dispose of as it sees fit. You are a fool to sign up to be cannon fodder for a private corporation. U.S. citizenship as a Warranted Cotracting Officer "employed" to supply the private army is bad enough! Take that back too!

The Oracle

Shouldn't the title be 1/3??

Shouldn't the title be 1/3??

Depends. 2/3 believe at least

Depends. 2/3 believe at least one of the wars was not worth it, while 1/3 believe both wars weren't worth it. Over half believe military force is not an effective way of fighting terrorism.

Ron has got to emphasize

Ron has got to emphasize stuff like this, as well as his military service, and the campaign donations. Proving that the military is on his side and agrees with him on key foreign policy/defense issues will go a long way towards easing fears many Republicans have about him.



it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

this is a good OP, and I'll be . . .

bumping it, but--

I found the words "highlights a dilemma for the Obama administration" laughable.

I do not believe that anyone in that administration cares. Not about how many Americans must die or how many of those who have been invaded must die. They don't care, and I don't believe *they* see it as a dilemma.

It's only a dilemma for those who believe it is wrong, and most of those who believe this warmongering is wrong have little power to do anything about it.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Great post.

Thanks for this information. Dr. Paul keeps getting proven correct.

This line says it all: "While a majority of veterans are proud of their military service, about half say that relying too much on military might to defeat terrorist organizations fuels hatred and that only begets more terrorism."