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Unite as individuals to make change as a Nation

Our government is bought. We have allowed ourselves to be silent for far too long. Unless you have a lobbyist, your opinion has become to mean jack shit. No more, though. It is time to unite as individuals - As one movement, with one goal... to be heard.

How do we do this? The first step is to get money out of politics. We need to make it a priority to get a constitutional amendment passed banning all financial contributions to political campaigns. If congress does not pass this legislation, then we send their asses home and replace them with people that will.

Not everyone sees eye to eye on every issue. One thing that many disagree on me with is more localized government. I support this so that I have more control over my government. Not everyone agrees on that, though - So, we can get to our differences on that when we get to it.

In order to make a real change, though, we must first unite!


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