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FB post of mine on recent Cain hype - just thought I would share!

The more Herman Cain picks up in the polls, the more it concerns me greatly. The gains come from those he siphoned off Perry and their support is only in the 2nd degree. I say 2nd degree, because they are not dedicated to any candidate and therefore, their switch is not pre-meditated (1st degree). It's done in the moment and with only an emotion driving it. No thought or research has thoroughly gone into him or other candidates. The reason I am concerned is because it shows the amount of 2nd degree voters/supporters who go for catch phrase politics and not solid truths.

The other reason that I am extremely uneasy about Herman Cain is because he HAS NO POLITICAL EXPERIENCE. If he got voted in, we would have no idea how he would or what he would truly do, which scares the crap out of me...HE IS A COMPLETE GAMBLE and I hope other people start to realize that too. It reminds me of the 2008 election and stories of people voting for Obama. Plus Cain has a connection to the federal reserve, which is responsible for a majority of our economic woes and I just don't trust that connection.

Ron Paul has a proven consistent record and we know what he'll do. There is no wondering what he'll do...there is no gamble. You know exactly what you're getting into. Even if you don't agree with him on some things, at least nothing will be a surprise. He won't go against his word or the constitution. He won't betray the people. Vote Ron Paul!

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The problem with facebook is

The problem with facebook is that no one really ever reads anything you post on there. If you are lucky maybe 5 people will glance at it and 2 will comment.

Now, post something absolutely stupid like a picture of your cats first dump in the litter box and 20% of your friends will comment.


So by that logic Rand Paul shouldn't be in the Senate? I think not being a career politician is very attractive to lots of folks.

'Cause there's a monster on the loose

I don't know

I see what you're saying, but I feel the bar is much higher at the president level. I'm sure it's attractive to a degree, but people had the same thoughts about Obama...he was in the same situation (almost). At least Rand is proving himself now, which could pay off later. You have to start somewhere, but I don't think the Presidency is where you start.

He certainly has leadership experience, but not in the gov't context and you just don't know how he will act.


I don't know anyone that supporst Mc... oops.. I mean Cain. I would post a FB about his flaws but all my friends are either hardcore RP supporters or friends and family that are not in the GOP camp except for a few.

Favorite RP quote for today

‎"This past year, I am recorded as having voted against 99 percent of all spending. To me that means voting for the taxpayer 99 percent of the time and against the tyranny of the state at the same percentage." ~ Ron Paul farewell address to the House

Always consistent and always for the People