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OWS: Follow Ron Paul's Lead

Keep distance until it plays out more. Support their right to free speech, but WE need to keep our eye on the ball. And the prize. The last thing we need to do is join hands with this primarily socialist uprising and kill Dr. Paul's campaign with bad press.

The OWS crowd is dumb as rocks, they don't even know what the problem is. We're not going to educate them in 5 or 10 minutes in the midst of a volatile environment. There are less than 3 months left to the first primaries and we should instead be focusing on educating the Republican voters who are actually going to be voting.

There's no time left. What happens at the Iowa and New Hampshire ballot boxes is WAY more important than what is happening on the streets of New York City. With the new changes to the primary schedules, we've got about 75 days left. One more time: 75 DAYS.

If we don't win Iowa or New Hampshire, we'll be hanging our hats quicker than we did in 2008. We would be better served launching efforts like what we did last time, where RP supporters set up camp in New Hampshire and campaigned night and day.

Where's THAT spontaneous uprising?

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Well said

The box of rocks comment may have been out of line (though not unfounded). The real issue is that the iowa caucuses are likely being moved to december. This primary will be over before you know it.now its not the time to loose focus

Be good sheep and follow....

Thanks, but I prefer to do the right thing whenever I am able.
Oh, and by the way, I actually ATTENDED an event, and found the people there were very much like me. They held signs that said "End The Fed" and such - dumb as rocks, you say? Don't get it, you say? You make it obvious that you do not get it, and you sound dumb as a box of rocks with your unfounded accusations. They are looking to join together with their neighbors, put all differences of opinion aside and deal with the FACT of an oligarchic ruling elite that is not treating us slaves well at all.
Continue licking your chains until you get RPs permission to do something different, though, if that is the closest thing to freedom you can come up with.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

calling people dumb as rocks

Is an insult and only shows you have no idea what you're talking about. Most people on this site are very very paranoid of the left. And would probably wet their pants if they came face-to-face with the leftists. If you are not willing to go down and work with the 0W then you have no business being down there. If you are unwilling to look at their ideas as well as compromise for a solution than you have no business going down there.

Most DPers are so bent on a certain ideology that they cannot compromise in their beliefs. We've been through this before when we talked about a libertarian- progressive alliance. Which was also met with heavy resistance at the time from the site.

Most of these people are hurting they have no jobs they're not stupid his rocks. So don't go down there with that kind of attitude.if you're not willing to compromise then don't bother.

Keeping distance is wrong

If the only voice these people ever hear is from the uber Left how do you think that is going to turn out? The TeaTards think the war is free and "punching the bad guy in the face" is the American way, they are just as unreachable as Moveon.org. Rick Santorm supporters are just as dangerous as Obama zombies, to pretend either is better is a joke.

We must extend the olive branch of Liberty to OWS because a ground swell of youth is growing and if we allow one side of the table to monopolize this wave of frustration than we will lose. Sitting back and going "good ole America" will win out in the end is how we got where we where.