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Video idea for BTO, black out Ron in the video, change the voice

I would like to present an idea for a BTO video.
Take some simple Ron videos, like the ones from CSPAN where he is talking about specific issues.
Black out his face in that, and change the voice pitch so that it is unrecognizable but understandable.
Arrange the video segments according to issues - or make separate vids for separate issues.
"who predicted the housing and subprime bubble"
1)Start with Economy, including the debt, and Fed.
"Who predicted the blowback due to faulty foreign policies"
3) cutting foreign aid to "enemies" of Israel
4) Bring troops home.

these are some points i can think of.
in the end just write BTO. and give some message to search for it on youtube.
On youtube have the normal video with the same title -
"Who predicted the housing and subprime bubble"

Some videos with the predictions
on terrorism

This will draw people to the message and not the false image of Ron Paul that the media has created.

Please suggest improvements in this, if it seems a reasonable idea.

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don't fret man

I think you have a good concept, I would recommend contacting blackthisout organizers and maybe mention the idea on other ron Paul sites.

I really like the idea of changing his voice, this video shows its effectiveness



my own post doesnt feel good.

Dr.Ron Paul's 2002 Predictions