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Celente: Obama Will Win If Republicans Pick Establishment Candidate


This may be a weird thought, but with Christie out and now Palin out, I am beginning to believe that the EVIL POWER ELITE(the Zionist/Rothchild Banksters), who by the way have controlled both parties for a long long time and don't care which party is in, groomed Obama too long for him to slip away. He has advanced their NWO faster and better than any other President, even though the Bushes got in their swings as well. It looks like they are making sure the Republican field is a joke. They fear Paul but know the media, corrupt polls, and corrupt election machines will take care of him. What say you?

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Glad to hear someone else

Glad to hear someone else agree - there is no difference between the democrats or republicans (it is what is behind the curtain). Similar to 2008 with McCain and Palin as the republican nomination - no chance. I hate to say this but my husband and I agree if it is not RON, we are not voting and Obama will probably get elected. But we would rather crash and burn at a faster rate then continue this slow spiral of decay. I guess we need to stock up on wheelbarrels to carry money to get a gallon of milk. I wish we could be like our founding fathers and we all had a place to go to and start over. Anyone have a island to donate to freedom lovers?

Probably why Cain is being pushed...

Consider this:

Herman Cain is just the Republican Obama: All Talk, No Substance

Food for thought...

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Republican Party Is For Power, Not Truth

I want to add that the reason the Republican establishment is pushing Romney and or Cain and not Paul is that it is all about keeping their power intact. Paul is too much of a threat to them. So, I again affirm that Obama will win because the Republican choices for Presidents are pathetic (on purpose?) and they fear Ron Paul, and all of us will not even vote if Ron is not there. It is as if the Country will deserve what it gets (judgment?). Maybe another 4 years of slavery and then Rand can run, but do not fret for God is sovereign, and all things are being worked out for His sovereign purposes.

Being On the Right Side of History: Psalm 46:10

Ron Paul iis the perfect candidate

EMPOWER Ron Paul. Get to know who is in YOUR local GOP and engage to make Ron Paul's message more powerful. Ron Paul is brave, and honest, and worthy of our support.

The old media can not stop

The old media can not stop history.

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Celente was on a roll until...

he picked Huntsman as the dark horse. I see Huntsman as the least likely to progress of all the neocons.

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Obama Wins!

Why I believe Obama will win: He is the evil elite NWO's (or whatever label you want to give it) choice. The American people are way too dumbed down (public education)to understand their predicament, too many greedy people want the govt. to take care of them, and finally, the corrupt MSM and election machines. End of story. Hope I am wrong.

Being On the Right Side of History: Psalm 46:10

New Article From Gerald Celente

Obama will win! IF....

Being On the Right Side of History: Psalm 46:10

Rothschild Sponsored Third Part Effort Unveiled

Yes, the Rothschild dynasty-connected billionaire families and financial groups who own the mass media in America—interlocked with the banking interests controlling privately owned Federal Reserve System that dominates the world economic system—are planning to spring a “centrist” third party on the American people.


This is a 2010 from Intel Hub that you might be interested in looking at again.