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Organizing RP videos for recruiting purposes.

Let me preface this with the fact that I would do this myself if I knew how, but I don't and think it could help our cause.


Someone posted yesterday that the campaign should create 5 minute video segments on Ron Paul's view on different topics. I was thinking that with all the speaking he has done already, why would they take the time to re-do this. All of his opinions are already out there recorded in his talks somewhere on Youtube.

Here's the suggestion (if it has not been done already):
What if someone who is good at creating these compilation videos sorted through RP speeches and gathered segments of videos and categorized them according to the different issues i.e. abortion, war on drugs, education, foreign policy etc. Whatever it is, Ron has already spoken about it and explained his reasoning on the topic. If it's done right, it could be a great resource or link to send out to people (or link from the campaign website) to allow people to understand his reasons for his stance on each issue. We can gather the most logical, clear explanations he has given and compile them all in one place.

Is this something that is worth our time and energy to put together?

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