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Ron Paul Interview W / Wolf Blitzer CNN - 10/6/11

Ron Paul Interview W / Wolf Blitzer CNN Today 4pm ET


Congressman Ron Paul will interview with Wolf Blitzer on CNN Thursday, October 6th. Show airs at 4:00 Eastern.


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I Love Ron Paul

I love Dr. Paul and how he never really wavers much, because he doesn't have to. Because he goes by the truth, reality, and the Constitution.

Now, lets do the best we can to get all Americans doing that. Then all elected officials would have to do the same, or risk being labeled as criminals. You can take a guess as to how I currently view many of our elected officials. I guess you could say I liken it to Ron Pauls' famous desk logo... Don't Steal, the Government Hates Competition. I get a good chuckle out of that one, haha.

"If we lose freedom here there's no place to escape to. This is the last stand on earth." -Ronald Reagan

When they took us off the Gold Standard they took away our money... in order to make it theirs. -OneTinSoldier

Thanks to the guy with the Ron Paul sign on Hannity last night!

I wish there had been more like him in the crowd. But, that lone Ron Paul sign made me smile. It really stuck out.

Anyone watch Lawrence O'Donnell grill Cain? He came across quite poorly when questioned about his participation in Civil Rights in Atlanta. But, O'Donnell was insulting about Cain's Viet Nam service & should have apologized.

Cain & Romney have both made big deals about presenting their economic policies. I know Ron talks about what would make the economy work all the time & his points are so valid, but I think he needs to make a more formal presentation that knocks the wind out of these other candidates' sails.

Gingrich is wrong

If this was a war (and it isn't), and even if Al-Awlaki was a enemy combatant, and he wasn't. Then that "enemy combatant" has certain rights as defined by the 2008 SCOTUS ruling:

"The (Constitution's) framers viewed freedom from unlawful restraint as a fundamental precept of liberty," Justice Kennedy wrote, "and they understood the writ of habeas corpus as a vital instrument to secure that freedom."

By this case, the SCOTUS has required the government to prove alleged "enemy combatant" status.

If an "enemy combatant" has the right of habeas corpus, he would certainly have have the right of due process on unproven charges against him. Especially given the death sentence.

This was not a battlefield or combat situation. Since no charges were made, and no attempt was made to resist an arrest, there can be no justification of the killing.


Yesterdqy I commented on how RP clearly does not want to be president, based on his annoying willingness to dignify these "losing scenario" setup questions. How can anyone feel confident about a candidate who refuses to stand up for himself, who always backs away from a fight?

Then I realized this is exactly what you want to see in a president. In-depth historical knowledge, reverence for an enlightened guiding doctrine, complete lack of personal agenda.

What it does is put the emphasis on US in ensuring such a person is elected. And that is what Ron Paul is telling us. Don't look for a hero, we're all in this together to get it done. The ego/riches-driven opportunists will claw and scrap their way to the top spot, but the best man for the job, the quiet, wise man can only succeed if WE insist that it happens.


Does that mean the solar panels are going to have to wait? =)



The Republican right-wing party is a MESS, capital letters. Look at them moving Cain up in the polls. Look at them pushing and stoking Cain. IT's ridiculous. The more they push, the BIGGER MESS they make!

KEEP PUSHING CAIN, because when it comes down to it, who do you think those little old lady Republicans will finally vote for between Cain & Paul??

Uh-huh! RON PAUL

Dr. Paul nailed it. This is

Dr. Paul nailed it. This is great.

Effects of Taxing Rich - Infographic

This post puts an end to this talk about how "taxing the rich" is the solution to all our problems. Per the IRS, it is not!


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Newt Gingrich is an idiot.

Newt Gingrich is an idiot. No president has the authority to have an American citizen assassinated without an open public trial. It's in black and white in the Fifth Amendment. This is a case of murder.

I am not defending al-Awlaki, I am defending the law. When people break the law, they are by definition, criminals. Al-Awlaki probably was a criminal, but he never was convicted in a court of law. To have him killed because he was believed to have been a criminal is murder. I don't have that right and neither does the president.

Big Improvement in his presentation!!

In my opinion this is a huge improvement in the way Dr. Paul has presented himself in this interview!

First of all he did not thank them for having him, he used to do that at both the start and end of an interview. In a very subtle way that diminished him, making viewers think he is desperate for the attention and may not really deserve to be there. The new subtle message is that he is too good for that; he is one of few serious candidates in this race and the interviewers are the ones to be thankful he is taking time out for them.

He kept his body language calm. I personally love that he gets animated and is passionate about his beliefs, but that kind of body language is replayed in snippets by the media to make him appear fanatical, crazy and extreme. This time he kept his hands from being a distraction, and his facial expressions calm, confident and a little pleasant. This way it is less likely they can grab a still image from the interview that makes him look like he is shouting/extreme/etc. As silly as it sounds I really think those kinds of images go a long way toward scaring people into not listening and/or voting for him.

I also agree with earlier comments saying he needs to take more opportunities to say he is the best candidate, but overall I love the more calm/professional/confident approach. It enables him to appeal to the "does he _LOOK_ presidential to me" voters, of which there are many!

Cain's response is all out just insulting

It shows just how much of a upper class corporatist snob he is. "I believe these demonstrations of Wall street are planned to distract from Obama's failed policies." Really Cain? Liberal and Conservative people protesting together spontaneously is a fake distraction? "Don't blame the banks, don't blame Wall street!If you don't have a job and your not rich, blame yourself!" What an insulting comment to poor and middle class Americans!So its our fault that we are out of work and regardless of how great or clean our work record, employers won't hire? It must be nice when pizza man gets to play ceo and act as KC chair to the biggest corrupt bank in the world. This needs to be plastered on every social media site. This is right up there Perry saying "I don't understand why parents don't understand what opt out means?" Or Pilosi saying "The tea party is astroturf."

Thomas M. Gallion

9 toppings for $9 in 9

9 toppings for $9 in 9 minutes or it's free!

Turning the tables would be a good idea

Ron should say, "No I cannot support any of the candidates if they don't change their positions. Could you Wolf support them, if they are for unending wars?"

Did You Fellas Notice How Serious "The Wolf" Blitzer Looked..

Ron had a nice smile on his face and 'the wolf' looked like he craped his pants...Ha!

In fact, after 'Happy" Jack Cafferty spoke well of "The Good Doctor", 'The Wolf's' faced turned a little green..Ha!

I'm sorry, but 'The Wolf' doesn't appear to care much for 'Uncle Ronnie'....BoooooYaaaa


I think Wolf really likes Dr. Paul. Infact..when he introduces Dr. Paul in this interview he calls him "THE republican presidential candidate" and I have since seen two other times where Wolf is talking about Dr. Paul to others (one was Ralph Nader) and he did it again....

Not "Ron Paul; A republican presidential candidate" but he actually says "THE republican presidential candidate"

Maybe Wolf is trying to let HIS preference known...same way Jack Cafferty seems to when ever he mentions Dr. Paul....lol.

You have a video on

that. Cafferty speaking well of Dr. Paul?

Too bad neither mentioned that Al-Awlak was an American citizen.

The average guy watching this on TV is not going to understand why Dr. Paul is upset about this.

You've been ZAMPED!!!!!!!

Dr Paul should have confronted Wolf on Fed debate question

Dr Paul should have asked Wolf why he was skipped on the question about the Federal Reserve that came up on the debate that Wolf Blitzer moderated.

Maybe it's a bad idea to get confrontational in a routine appearance like this, but it would have been interesting if Dr Paul held Blitzer's feet to the fire about how that decision came about.

He's always so spot on...

...and he nails it in this interview.

I think he does much better in tv interviews than he does in the debates.


I'm not the average person.

It's hard to say what the average brain-washed idiot wants to hear.

They'd probably vote for Snookie... or whatever her name is.

What if Ron Paul loses?

I am not interested in voting for ANYBODY else. So what if Obama wins.

We should consider a movement to "Write-in Ron Paul" during the actual presidential election if he does not win the GOP nomination.

I plan to Write-In Ron Paul.

If you did not figure it out

If you did not figure it out by now it is not a matter if Ron Paul loses or wins it is a matter of getting involved with your state and local government and just getting involved with your government in general!

hope for the best

I think you hit the nail on the head...

This is not the Ron Paul movement. It's the liberty movement... and that requires good, liberty-minded people in all levels of government.


Dr. Paul pap smeared Blitzer and hit very strong talking points in the first half of the interview, the second part was filled with stupid questions plus no conservative with a brain will listen to a globalist henchman like Newt Gingrich sings praises to Obama the marxist war criminal

Newt Gingrich

Supported Nazis during WWII when they grouped American soldier POWs in open fields and massacred them. After all, to the Nazis, American soldiers were enemy combatants intent on damaging Germany.

Newt Gingrich is an effin' tool.

It's about Me

I agree. As great as the Message is..Dr. Paul needs to start talking about how He is the only one who can fix this mess, and he is the peoples choice, and bring the focus to Him. Yes the message is great but the people are looking for Someone to fix it, and he needs to let them know he's the prophet, solution etc and not just stand back humbly giving credit to the message or ideas even if he's right. It's sad but if he really wants to be president he better step up his game not take any shit and confidently explain why He himself is the solution!!

CNN Distorting Pauls Words

Did anyone else see at 4:45 they put on the screen "Paul: if you want to be rich, you can be rich". What a joke, that's not what he said at all.

All bank controlled media misrepresent Ron Paul

From Fox to NBC. The only exceptions are individuals like Judge Napolitano, and John Stossel, but from one of the Judge's latest Tweets stating he will not be intimidated, it is clear even he is being pressured by bank controlled executives at the network.

The media misrepresenting Ron Paul is intentional and it has been going on since the first time Ron Paul appeared on television programming. If you watch carefully, you can even catch passive aggressive interviewers like Neil Cavuto doing it, who pretends to be a friend of Ron Paul, but talks bad about him behind his back. Of course, I don't know if it's because Cavuto feels forced to and is afraid to be honest, or if he's really against Ron Paul. I don't really much care either. I notice! And I will not consider him a real defender of liberty and an honest journalist, until I notice that he stops.


I quit watching at that point just to post a comment about it;
glad you all caught it too. F#@K CNN! What blatant distortion...he was actually saying exactly the OPPOSITE! That IS what Herman Cain, Mr. KC Fed said!!


I thought he

did just fine on this interview. But I must say, it was very underhanded for Wolf to ask those defeatist questions.

Then again Wolf is simply following orders...

The Libertarian Party, irrelevant since 1971.

Ron needs to stop answering the 3rd party and "who else do you

support" questions.

If he simply declined to answer them, pointed out that they were insulting, and that they don't ask Romney, Perry et al the same questions, there is no legitimate reason for him to answer them. He has answered them repeatedly in the past with the same answers over and over, and his answer is not going to change. Asking them again is a slap in the face. He should point out the interviewer is wasting time on nonsense instead of focusing on issues important to the nation.