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John Stewart Asks: Why are the "OWS" protests not worthy of Tea Party respect?

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Ignore MSM Attempts at Division

The BM (bankster media) will try to create division between the Tea Party and OWS at every opportunity. They built up a phony Tea Party on top of the real one, and now they will build up a phony OWS on top of the real one. Both groups should take a pledge not to fight the other until every bankster has had his/her Gardasil shot.

Unless, it's a diversion to allow deadlines to pass.

Unless, its a diversion to allow deadlines to pass that would allow Congress to be replaced.

Congress created the banking cartel with the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. And many other cartels are government sanctioned: ICC, FTC, FCC, FDIC, Fanny, Freddie,...

Congress gave the Executive the Sherman Anti-trust Act so that the President can smash any competition to the government sanctioned monopolies and cartels.

So deadlines pass, and the same bunch of bozos and putzes will get their Congressional jobs back.

How many at the protesters have increased the money supply and done business with the Wall Street they are protesting. How many are charging their camping experience on their MasterCard and Visa?

Free includes debt-free!

I just don't see any conspiracies with all this

People are just pissed and speaking up about it.

Michigan was the testing ground

Ron Paul did fairly well, in Michigan 2008. But the primary was moved up 7 months. It caught me off guard. We have two primary elections now. One for President, and one for all the rest. Why?

Now other states are shortening Presidential campaigning drastically. Why?

Facts are that deadlines for registration etc are looming. Have any passed? Is this a distraction?

Yes people are pissed. I hope when they are done pissing and speaking about it, they start thinking.

Congress made all the laws that made their distress real.

Free includes debt-free!


Thanks for posting. Big BUMP!!!!!!!

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

Glad to!

Sometimes it takes a comedian to point out the truth.

Stewart sees things so clearly.

Great video, thanks for posting.

Well Biden says

the OWS protesters are the same as Tea Partiers so I guess they are worthy of their respect... lol.
People can't even have protests anymore these days without them turning into political party bashes - but should all of this come to a head - maybe then people will stop trying to spin things. Another thought - people can't even have protests these days without corporates funding them - and bankers paying off police and on and on. (perhaps this always was the case and we never knew about any of it) ?