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New Revolution PAC Video

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tv promotes this and plays it over and over..... Awesome vid though.

This is one of the best ever

I stopped what I was doing and made my kids watch it.

We could show this at Repub town meetings.

Too bad tv ads aren't usually this long. I would donate money to help air this.

Educate yourself

Like I Wrote In The PowerPoint In My Sig

Thousands of Americans gathered at a rally at Ground Zero on Aug. 22, 2010. The protesters were angry at a mosque being built on what they consider holy ground. Imagine if instead of a mere mosque, it was an Islamic military base instead. That is how Muslims feel.

"I hate government as much as government hates freedom, and that's a lot." - Mike Malin

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And my Ron Paul vs. Lincoln video:


Just watched the original...

and hearing the sincerity in Ron's voice made it very touching, poignant and powerful. The narrator's voice in the new one is, I think, a bit theatrical, not much like our Dr. Paul. Powerful message to be sure, but this might create an impression that Dr. Paul has to resort to Hollywood styles to win over the masses. Just my opinion, I'd like to be wrong.

Nothing comes to those who wait.

A+ video

This is one of the best Ron Paul videos I have seen, and I think I have seen them all. I wish his TV ads were this good.


My dad watched "Winter in

My dad watched "Winter in Wartime" last night:


Im sitting, waiting to leave for a football game today with them. He turns to me and tells me about the movie. He mentions that it gave him a much different perspective on what it would be like to have an occupying force in your home country. He then comments that he sees that it is exactly like what is happening in Afganistan and Iraq.

I comment that "Its not that we mean to be there maliciously, but by us being there we cause friction".

He agreed and said most times they(afganis) don't even know who we are or why we are there. Those people in those countries just view us as invaders. Even if we meant to help, accidents happen which cause the locals to fight back. Which begets more and more fighting.

***This was a day I never thought I would see happen. He is in his 50s and remembers his dad having to fight in WWII. Even doing the newsletter for the company that his dad fought in. So he is very pro-military. For him to say this to me I was just astonished for him to finally see it.

WOOT! My contributions at work!

Damned impressive. DAMNED impressive is all I can say.

Ron's Words Will Live On In All Of Us

He is the only person in my lifetime that I would consider a "world changer". I have never known or seen anyone who can and is changing the world for the better by EDUCATING us.

We don't need these wars. We teach our kids to talk and discuss things when they are fighting but we pick up guns and remote control bomb dropping drones.

We need CHANGE and not obama's change which means MORE WAR and MORE aide while destroying our constitution and republic all at the same time.

Real change will come once people are affected PERSONALLY.

Until then, we keep plugging away just as Ron has been doing since before I was born.

Wait until the free aide and free government job security starts to go away further. Pretty soon people will be MAD, to say the least but for the wrong reasons. It's sad BUT my dime doesn't need to go into your pocket unless I GIVE IT to you.

Charity is given NOT taken and until people around us see that I think many will still ASSume that they are entitled to the stuff GIVEN to them off the backs of others who are odds are struggling to stay afloat themselves.

Its sad that we even need to have a period where we must give food and free aide here to allow those who are simply sucking off of the tax payers to get wheened off.

Get off your butt and DO SOMETHING with your life. If you can't then you better get out there and hustle up some cash because those checks you get every month will hopefully be GONE soon.

Just because someone is starving does NOT mean you MUST feed them by force. As a human however it should be something you MUST do just out of compassion and love BUT being able to CHOOSE to give or not IS the liberty we seek.

I believe that there would be MORE people getting off their ass. I believe that people will rise up and help those in need around them versus ASSuming the government is dividing it amongst the so called "needy".

Anyone getting a section 8 house, cash card, food stamps and free health care ALL FOR FREE.... What in the hell are YOU complaining about!

You will not respect FREE stuff versus something you have worked for. Trust me I know because I remember when I was younger and my mom bought me toys. Sure they were fun but I usually broke em pretty quick. Oh well, she will buy me more. Until she STOPPED and I had to start saving my own money for my toys. Its amazing how fast I STOPPED breaking toys that I payed for with MY money.

Its a mind set

you either have it or need it smacked into you.

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This is...

This is the most inspiring and best Ron Paul advert ever ever.
Respect to whoever made this!

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This one has a timeless quality to it,

unlike the first RevPAC ad. The first one is dated at present due to Cain's ascendancy to "flavor of the month." I hope it was used ASAP. (I'm very interested in knowing when and where.)

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

Cain Wins One Straw Poll and the whole vid needs to change?

Look fox said cain is now a frontrunner by winning a straw poll. Yes when ron wins them it doesn't mean jack BUT we dont need to help cain get MORE steam by including him in the ad.

Just wait until next month and who is then the new flavor or a mixed up OLD flavor. I remember the 07/08 cycle and it blew me away when they propped mccain up. I never saw that one coming so just like cain who knows maybe newt is next LOL.

I say run the ads that would actually get a BROADER scope of people and I don't see the plastic men ad doing that whether they add cain or anyone for that matter.

We need WAKE UP ads that actually work and play them during the times where most Americans on sitting on their couch after work and ZONING OUT.

After some greys anatomy or family guy or whatever the hell else is HOT right now (I don't know lol). Get to the sheep BUT just don't call em sheep lol.

"The rEVOLution MUST EVOLve"
Ron Paul or Bust

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It's a good idea

and well executed for the most part. I like the original one a little better for a couple of reasons. Mostly because it is more low-key, and less "fear-mongering". I don't think Ron Paul's idea was to scare people, but look at the parallels between what we are doing, and what we might do if the same happened to us.

I do like that it starts with someone elses voice and then turns into Paul's voice near the end. That would keep people interested that might already have a bias against Paul. Unfortunately, I think the narrator they chose was just a little too intense, and that might throw some people off. Someone a little more deliberate and less "in your face" would have been better.

If you'd like to see the original video, it is here:


Anyway, I do think it's good work, and I do like these videos with the text and the images put together, but I just don't like fear mongering.

it's the best video on

it's the best video on foreign policy I've ever seen. Thumbs up.

I Agree

I thought it was fantastic.

"If we lose freedom here there's no place to escape to. This is the last stand on earth." -Ronald Reagan

When they took us off the Gold Standard they took away our money... in order to make it theirs. -OneTinSoldier

This is your best work

Gary, you blow me away. Your relentless passion, vision and manifestations are awe inspiring and this is by far your best work. Kudos



Love it. One of RP's best

Love it. One of RP's best Texas Straight Talks.


I am putting this on my youtube channel and will share with everyone I know.

This is on par, with "Rising Tide", in my opinion.

Practice Makes Perfect

I'm sure the PAC will take our comments and reaction to inform their TV ads (which will be shorter).

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/



Great Concept but Too Long

I like the video, but it'd be much better if it were only half as long. During my viewing, I kept saying to myself, "OK, I get the message", but the video continued onward. If the main concepts included in this video were condensed into a video half as long, the end result would be even more effective. Regardless, I like it.

I know it's asking a lot, but

I know it's asking a lot, but they need a long and a short version.

A 30 second spot version.

And the bunker buster version, where you tie up your uncle and make him watch all 191 seconds of it, or he gets water boarded.

I jest. I jest!

The long version is powerful, it really builds. Someone who is already dubious about our interventionist ways can get the short version.

Sean Hannity needs to have his eyes taped open and shown the long version about 10 times over.

We admit the parallel

but mainstream republicans are likely to object to the comparison of insurgents with peaceful Americans under the circumstance described in the speech. They will hear it as "the terrorists are just Middle Eastern 'patriots' defending their nation" and condemn Dr. Paul and declare him a terrorist sympathizer. I know these are his own words and the graphics were just added to it, but I don't see it as a good choice for a commercial. There are some truths that people are just not ready for, on a broad basis. You have to spoon feed them at first. If Dr. Paul doesn't get elected, we won't have the chance to finish educating them so I would hold off on this tough stuff.




Just trigger memories of the movie "Red Dawn" and that will send the message that you want.

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In so many ways that is

In so many ways that is true.

Same for a game that came out this year called "Homefront". Played to the defending the homeland aspect. BUT it was a tad bit of a poke at non-intervention. Since it had us leaving South Korea which then spiraled out of control.

Holy crap that was awesome!

Holy crap that was awesome! I actually got goosebumps.

You, too?

I must have watched that video 5-10 times last night. Each time I watched it, I had shivers. Best video I have ever seen. Never mind it's length. It's not intended for TV. That is a piece you embed in an email to your friends asking them to support RP.

That was pretty intense.

That was pretty intense.

Too LONG and

maybe I'm getting old or something but the words jumping all over the place....I don't know. I didn't like it. Shorten it and maybe some images to go with text (pictures). I liked narrator morphing into Ron Paul's voice at the end.