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Ron Paul's chump change

Really, it's news that only political junkies pay attention to. But it's still staggering.

The Times reported Wednesday that "Rep. Ron Paul raised more than $8 million for his presidential campaign in the last three months" from 100,000 individual donors.

And that's not all. "Texas Gov. Rick Perry said he raised more than $17 million from 22,000 donors."

Wait, there's more. Though he didn't announce a total, "a source close to the Mitt Romney campaign said the former Massachusetts governor's third-quarter fundraising take was expected to be more than $14 million."

And let's be bipartisan here. Though President Obama's fundraising total in the quarter is reportedly lagging, he's still expected to rake in $55 million, compared with an $86-million haul in the previous quarter.

continue this great article about Doc Paul: http://opinion.latimes.com/opinionla/2011/10/ron-paul-rick-p...

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can anyone else see this?

I am having really strange computer problems.

Great article.

Paul put a positive spin on his fundraising:

"If you get $8 million … and you get it from small individual donors who are fervently engaged in campaigning for you, that’s a lot different than getting money that more than likely might have come, for the other candidates, from special interests," Paul said at a luncheon at the National Press Club. "All donors are not equal. I will take my small donations, with the enthusiasm of the people who send me the money."