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Ron Paul on the Radio (Audio Interviews)

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the 4th on the list above...got a little testy

I remember this one! They acted like they didn't really plan to talk about Iran/Israel.

Rep. Ron Paul on 630 WMAL’s Morning Majority (9/29/2011)

"Presidential hopeful Ron Paul spoke with 630 WMAL's (Washington, DC) Morning Majority about his thoughts on the current policies that have been discussed in the September debates. Morning Majority hosts Brian Wilson, Mary Katherine Hamm, and Bryan Nehman contend that- based on one Fox News poll- Herman Cain is now top tier, and that Ron Paul is in fifth! Unbelievable- Ron Paul is clearly 3rd place for a month, and a single poll shows Cain has a bump, and now he's top tier."


guess you're right....

that people don't go crazy for local radio interviews. It sux that not one of the three WMAL hosts could understand and appreciate the anti-war position. None of them touch the fact that Dr. Paul gets the most military donations!

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"Terrorism is the war of the poor, while war is the terrorism of

Rep. Ron Paul on WKXL’s New Hampshire Now (10/3/2011)

good points made about the campaign (TV, radio, phone calling, letters, etc.)

"Republican Presidential Candidate Ron Paul wrapped up his New Hampshire campaign stop on Monday by talking with WKXL1450's Chris Ryan about his controversial stance on the the al-Awlaki drone assassination, the many implications of big government, and the campaign for the Republican nomination. Ryan is the host of WKXL's (Concord, NH) New Hampshire Now."


Ron Paul on KTRH Houston’s Morning News (10/6/2011)

Just listened to this one: good discussion about Occupy Wall Street after mentioned over 100K donors and $8M Q3 donations and the al-Awlaki assassination.

"Rep. Ron Paul spoke with KTRH News Talk 740's Matt Patrick on Thursday morning to talk about the summary execution of Anwar al-Awlaki, the dangerous precedent set by the assassination, and the need to protect due process for American citizens."