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Lawyers by definition, litigate rather than settle.

  1. Lawyers make money by litigating rather than settling.
  2. The way to encourage litigation is to put the most assets and property possible at legal risk, or at least to fool people into thinking they are at risk.
  3. There are two main ways to get the average person to put their assets at legal risk:
    1. Getting a marriage license from the state. Notice we didn’t say getting married, because you can get married without a marriage license from the state, and instead have a prenuptial agreement and a private wedding where the priest doesn’t sign any kind of marriage license.
    2. Owing taxes to the government, who incidentally own the courts and love to use their own home turf to steal and extort tax money out of the average citizen.
  4. Lawyers therefore have a financial interest to make you believe that your assets are at risk by making you think that you owe income taxes.
  5. If no one owed income taxes, we would need probably 1/2 as many lawyers (and accountants) as we have now and the few that remained would charge less for their services because they would be in far less demand. The following fields of law would see drastic cuts:
    1. Probate attorneys
    2. Tax attorneys
    3. Legislators and legislative analysts

Why would the American Bar Association and most lawyers want to put the definition of “United States” in any legal dictionaries? We would venture to say that ... after you tell them the correct definition of “United States”, would claim that they didn’t know the proper legal definition or even what the supreme Court said was the definition. ... We would also venture to say that even the ones who do know the correct definition and who are familiar with the supreme Court’s definition of the term would never admit to it because it would undermine their profession!

1999: Black's Law Dictionary Removed Definition of "United States"
SOURCE: The Great IRS Hoax book, Section 6.7.1.

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Congress created the IRS, they should end it.

Thanks Mark. A good viewpoint to have regarding law and the lawyers.

Free includes debt-free!