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Opposition Research

It's time for Dr.Paul to go on the attack.
let's list the weak spots of the main opposition.

Herman Cain: The FED, support for TARP, anything else?
Mitt Romney: taxes as "fees", Romneycare (this was a good idea at the state level?), anti-gun (supported the assault weapons ban, fought against sunset, replaced with a state law), support for TARP, anything else?
Rick Perry: a new war in Mexico?, Illegal aliens, the TTC, Gardasil, TARP, anything else?

precautionary (remember Mcain last time)
Newt Gingrich: NAFTA, Global Warming/Cap and Trade, how can you trust a man who cheats on in hospitalized wife and then can't wait for her to die so he serves her with Divorce papers on her death bed?, anything else?

from a comment: http://freewestradio.com/2011/09/info-on-presidential-candid...

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Cain: Was clueless about the

Cain: Was clueless about the economy (said there was no recession just a week or two before the financial collapse), endorsed Romney in 08

Romney: flip-flopped on abortion. On Romneycare, I think Ron really needs to attack why it's a bad policy regardless of whether it's federal or state, even if it's constitutional at the state level (Romney claims he supported the mandate so no one got a free ride at taxpayer expense, but there are hundreds of thousands of people have have gotten free health insurance through the program, so it hasn't worked in that regard either)

Perry: Gardasil of course. Probably more important, he not only supported TARP, but he then ran an attack ad against Kay Bailey Hutchinson for supporting it, and when confronted by a reporter a few weeks ago about his support for it, he lied and said he never supported it.


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