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CNN removes Ron Paul sign from newsroom wall!

Ok, after verifying today what I noticed yesterday, CNN has taken down the Ron Paul 2008 campaign poster from their "CNN=Politics" newsroom. Granted, it was about 80% obscured by a computer monitor, but still...WTF???

Anyone else notice that?

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CBS nightly news blurred out Ron Paul

Tonight's CBS nightly propaganda had a report about Cain's rise in the polls versus Mitt. As the report was being given there was a picture of (from left to right)Rick Perry, Ron Paul(in the middle), and Cain on the right. When the picture first showed up you could see Dr. Paul's face, then his face was blurred out...This was a blatant and deliberate act and I hope there are others out there who happened to see this. It sure looks the media are under orders to keep him out of the public eye as much as possible. But this isn't new is it??!!

Got a youtube of it?

Got a youtube of it?

CBS blurred out Ron Paul

I wish I did then it wouldn't make me look like I'm just out beating a drum. I wonder if CBS might have it online? If I come across it I will get it posted...thanks.


I hate to sound so paranoid, but I feel that the media is being influenced by a heavy hand, as well. This is getting scary.

Welcome to the DP, btw.

thanks for the welcome...I

thanks for the welcome...I have been checking the site out for a number of months and finally registered. Couldn't let CBS slide by when I saw what they pulled.
I agree with your comments about the media being influenced by a heavy hand!