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Ron Paul Wins Straw Poll at Values Voter Summit in DC

The Speech Part 1: http://youtu.be/7qKQ1xXobJc
Part 2: http://youtu.be/qJJDFHMs3MA

Poll Results:

The Values Voter Summit in DC starts today. The Straw Poll takes place at the Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington, D.C. on Saturday, October 8th, from 9:00am to 1:00pm Eastern, when Ron Paul will be speaking.

Full schedule here.

Thanks to emalvini for the live stream links:

C-Span 3 Link:

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This is my very favorite RP

This is my very favorite RP speech EVER. I don't know what he could have said differently. I have never voted in my life as I have never found someone I would be willing to let represent me as a follower of Jesus. I have always said that if a man with the values I believe in would run for office, he would have no chance and would never have a shot of being elected. I almost did not even investigate this year because I did not expect to see anyone that even warranted checking into. Needless to say, here is my man, and he actually has support. Forget about a campaign speech, this is the type of speech that can change the hearts and minds of the people. We need to spread this speech to others.

i understand the passion, so i apologize for what i am about to


rp actually had a pretty good vibe going there. his speech was very moving and the non-rp supporters from the way their bodies were relatively still, you can tell they are listening and indeed being moved by rp's speech. all of a sudden the end of fed chant and these giggles break out when rp talks about christ being the prince of peace from rp supporters.. with a phrase from the hippies, you were seriously 'cramping his style'

bluntly put, rp's oratorical skills have already improved a great deal, so consider growing a bit too in your support methods. you are getting outmatched and quite frankly a lot of times it's just unsightly.

I was there and heard no giggles. If some were giggling they

certainly were not Ron Paul supporters. Other people were there you know.

Here, i give you the actual part of the clip. Not much argument

http://youtu.be/7qKQ1xXobJc?t=5m53s giggles

http://youtu.be/7qKQ1xXobJc?t=3m33s end of fed chant interrupting vibe

maybe the giggles came from someone near the camera so it wasn't that great of a deal audible to others, but the loud end of fed chant in a very adult-ish presentation by rp just while it was sinking in for non-supporters was uncalled for. it's like yelling 911 is a conspiracy when people are STILL in the process of listening to what happened to building 7 for the first time, before things even sink in.

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I agree and I think that's why he waved his hand, to silence it.

It was not appropriate for this type of event.


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(I finally got to watch the video: WHAT a truly moving speech

of a brilliant wise statesman / prophet / teacher with a wealth of common sense and courage to mention Biblical admonishments, moral principles, life, liberty and the need for PEACE.)

The giggles were for Ron's humorous joke: "He (Jesus) never said, Blessed are the war-makers!" I think it was MEANT to be funny. . . to let the audience relax a little in the middle of a very serious speech on moral values and such.

I LOVE the youthful audience's unstoppable chants of End The Fed. They truly understood the central core cause of the economic problems we are facing and ran with it a few years ago. It was thanks to THEIR inexhaustible energy that Audit the Fed became such a success among congressmen/women. I personally hope their End The Fed chants become louder and pervasive (even at OWS). . . until the very day that we get to use alternative competing currency as we witness the value of fed res fiat notes vanish in thin air.

it's humorous because it makes people going to war

in the name of christ look foolish.. but these are also precisely the people we're trying to sway.. this is why you don't giggle after you put them at a place where they can't respond (below the podium) and throw volleying shots of arguments at them.. instead you be respectful so they come around unmocked.. it's called giving them a stair to climb down, instead of trying to push a person off a cliff--he will struggle.

Right now c-span

is showing Perry's speech from the VVS. It is on until 8:00. I wonder if they are going to show the winners speech.


Didn't show Paul's. I should of known. I can't believe that c-span is getting just as bad as the rest of the media.



1996 Senior Advisor of Dole/Kemp Campaign
Cain was a senior economic advisor to the Dole/Kemp presidential campaign in 1996.

2000 presidential campaign
Cain briefly ran for the Republican presidential nomination in 2000; he says it was more about making political statements than winning the nomination. “George W. Bush was the chosen one, he had the campaign DNA that followers look for.” However, Cain went on to state, “I believe that I had a better message and I believe that I was the better messenger.”[28] After ending his own campaign, however, he endorsed Steve Forbes.

2004 U.S. Senate candidacy
Main article: United States Senate election in Georgia, 2004
In 2004, Cain ran for the U.S. Senate in Georgia, pursuing the seat that came open with the retirement of Democrat Zell Miller. Cain sought the Republican nomination, facing congressmen Johnny Isakson and Mac Collins in the primary. Cain and Collins both hoped to deny Isakson a majority on primary day in order to force him into a runoff.[citation needed] Collins tried to paint Cain as a moderate,[30] citing Cain’s support for affirmative action programs, while Cain argued that he was a conservative, noting that he opposed the legality of abortion except when the mother’s life is threatened.[31] Cain finished second in the primary with 26.2% of the vote, ahead of Collins, who won 20.6%, but because Isakson won 53.2% of the vote, Isakson was able to avoid a runoff.


Show me the money !

"Our dollar is being systematically destroyed by the Federal Reserve. An item that cost $20.00 in 1970 will cost you $116.78 today. An item that cost $20.00 in 1913 will cost you $457.67 today."


This surprised me quite a

This surprised me quite a lot.

Ron Paul is coming up on CNN

Ron Paul is coming up on CNN in a minute.....turn on the boob tube quick!

anyone have a high quality

anyone have a high quality video of the speech? :(

Ron Paul Speech Was Indeed Defining and That's Why It Wasn't

Aired by The MSM..That is why CNN cut of the feed..

Snakes in the grass..

Defining speech.

This speech was really the best. He spoke on a level that these people totally relate to and yet was also on a very high philosophical plane. He laid bare the ultimate reason and motivation for his life's work and showed that he undertands how to translate it in our day to day lives.

He was extremely relaxed (because I think this is his comfort zone) and spoke the truth. It was such a great speech I just have to exclaim it over and over again.

Thanks be to God for Ron Paul. In my personal faith, I believe God was glorified by this speech and Ron Paul was blessed to deliver it.


Patriot Action Network

Normally, I am inundated with emails from this group but today no emails whatsoever. Is that because, Ron won the beloved straw poll in the Values Conference?

Glad to know that christians like ron paul more than santorum

Why is santorum in the race again? Oh that's right - to attack ron paul so romney and perry don't have to.

At least the christians said no to santorum. I hope he gets the message. If he can't win the christian vote and does miserable with the other demographics, I dunno why he's even in the race.

2 Chronicles 7-14

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Set Aside $1.00 buck a day (coffee fund) for 'BLACK OUT' Bomb

By the 19th of October you should have close to $20.00 bucks to donate. This is what i'm going to do for "Uncle Ronnie"

Be there or be square!!.....'BLACK OUT BOMB' Don't miss it!


my sarcasm

Nothing to see here folks! This just proves that Ron Paul is CRAZY and has ZERO CHANCE of ever getting elected. Ron Paul got the most votes because he is a LOSER (why can't you people see this?) Santorum is America's ONLY HOPE!

"All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent."
Thomas Jefferson

Oatmeal instead of brunch

It's Sunday morning but I'm having oatmeal at home instead of brunch out. Each day I'm setting aside a small but clear amount of money so that it doesn't seem so hard, and then on the 19th I'll donate the total large amount (much bigger than I've donated before).

I've been worried about achieving 1 mil for every moneybomb thus far. I think we can blow that away this next one. Theyre not going to be able to handle themselves.

The video got me a little teared up....

it almost feels like the tide is turning. I'm so proud of Ron!...

"sometimes I hug the coffee table when no one is looking."

Well, it is Sunday morning

Well, it is Sunday morning and no mention on the MSM shows of Ron Paul's victory at the Values Voter Summit Saturday. I am not surprised at all since the MSM is the propaganda wing of our Corporatist(aka Fascist) government. We have the bastards on the ropes and they know it. As long as we keep donating to Ron's campaign we can win this race. Early on I thought the best Ron could expect was a second place finish but now I am very optimistic at Ron's chances to win it outright. Please keep the donations rolling in!!!!

On Drudge Report...Paul Wins Conservative Voter Straw Poll..

Drudge Report linked to the Washington Times Report..


Now its off..

Looks like it was taken down - I saw the link too, but it sure didn't stay up on Drudge long. Now he's got a pic of Federal Reserve Chairman Cain saying he's getting tuff with the dirty liberal unwashed protesters.

I'm excited at the momentum, however.

It's on front page as of 11:19 am Monday morning

But below Cain's.

"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a rEVOLution before tomorrow morning." - Henry Ford

Thank you

for explaining the possible master card issue, I appreciate knowing why this is done and that it shouldn't be considered something bad.

Making DVD copy of this for my Christian parents...

Being brought up Christian, I think they would really respect this speech and it's message 100%. How many candidates have the balls to get up there are quote the BIBLE so much? How IN the WORLD do people disagree with this guys thinking?
Anyways, parents have an easy choice... Take Paul's side and the Christian side, or admit they were bad parents and that Christianity is wrong... I know easy choice.