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Stop wasting your time and energy with the primary process. Become a delegate.

I went through the process last time and got to our state convention. It was rough. The establishment lied, cheated, stole, and bent rules to their own ends.

The big lesson I learned from the last cycle is we need overwhelming numbers to win. Most of my state did a 50/50 split with the old guard. However, we had one county that turned out a landslide 80/20 victory and there was nothing they could do to stop us. A 60/40 win is really a loss. We need numbers higher than 80/20 and the media coverage to verify. Bottom line is we need at least 80 people per 100,000 in each county. That's not very many people. I've been keeping a list have have 30 people so far who say they will join me at our caucus.

My understanding is that states have different processes for choosing delegates, electoral voters, and at large delegates. For example, we pick most of our states electoral voters at our district caucus conventions. Last time, we didn't have a chance to elect the voters we wanted because of a lack of numbers. This time we will have the numbers.

I am sorry to say I don't see a plan B. The delegate process/electoral college is the road we take to get RP elected. The media complex is against us. The political machines of both parties are against us. The majority of large industry is against us. The people are with us when they understand the truth and the media is how most people are educated. The only ways I could imagine getting RP elected through the general election process would be a successful door to door campaign and/or a change of ownership of the media complex. Could happen, but I'm not holding my breath.

Start keeping a list of other RP supporters around you who will help us win the caucus system.

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It was fairly hostile and the

It was fairly hostile and the establishment clearly didn't want us in the caucus system. They kept the doors open past 10:00 am in several counties to mobilize more establishment voters. They shut the doors when they believed to be in the lead.

Our caucus started out as an us/them contest. The chair was more or less fair, but he did try to allow a voice count to pass in his favor. We moved for a standing count and it was priceless to see his reaction that we won. There weren't enough people to fill all of the delegate slots so everyone that wanted to be a delegate got elected.

There were various amendments to the GOP platform introduced, debated, passed, and rejected. There wasn't much reasonable debate. It was more of people replaying soundbites. Everyone's mind was pretty locked into place.

The next caucus meeting was the district convention. We had several RP delegates rejected for various reasons. The single biggest reason seemed to be a monetary or elected position in another party. The LP Ron Paul delegates got kicked out if it could be proven that they were members of the LP. Plus, we had several no shows. Our numbers were on the short end of the scale.

The chair broke rules and had his way at the District. We didn't have the numbers to effect any real change. The most interesting lessons from that day were that 1)some reporters really do support the GOP(an invited journalist seemed happy when a rule got twisted to put us down) and 2) that the electoral college voters are mainly picked at the caucus system.

The last trip as a MO delegate was the state convention. Ron Paul showed up and that made it worth the trip. The GOP would not let him speak at the convention so we all rented another venue the night before. The big lesson from the convention was that we need over whelming numbers to win. They eroded us down to less than 32% of the convention and we just had to sit there and listen to a day of propaganda. I did have some reasonable conversations/debates with establishment delegates after the event. It was more civil overall than the district convention. However, they had some really weird security. There was a motorcycle group as muscle. Off duty cops. On duty police. Plus, a military display from ROTC. Older delegate said that they had never seen so much security. Jackson County,(KC), got delegate all the way to national because they over whelmed their county caucus in a landslide victory.

The bottom line lesson is we need more numbers to show up, be versed in Roberts Rules of Order, and keep a cool head when the heats on high.

Here's a suggestion. Find

Here's a suggestion. Find people at the OWS who want to caucus with us.