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Idea. Shock Ad showing assassination of a blogger opposing the war

Bring the unlawful assassination down to terms and images that people can identify with and images that will shock them enough to rethink their initial reaction to the killing of Anwar al-Alwaki.

What if support of the enemy can be deemed to be as simple as writing a blog that opposes the war?

Make an ad showing in graphic terms what this policy of assassination really means.

Show how the CIA is alerted to a blog that is "inciting" the enemy. Show a secret committee adding a name to "the list" and sending out a kill order.

Show a blogger answering the door and a CIA guy shoots him in the head. Show how the family gets no response whatsoever from the police or other government officials. No response is needed because he was on "the list". And you can't see "the list" because it is top secret.

Show other similar bloggers all of a sudden changing their oppostion blogs to blogs of praises for the war because they are now horrified of getting their name on "the list".

I think this is the key issue that separates Ron Paul from all of the rest. It's an issue that most people really haven't thought out completely and just automatically think that the assissination was the right thing to do. But when a reasonable person thinks it through, you just have to come to the conclusion that Ron Paul is right. And if Ron Paul is right about this, what else is he right about.

Michael Savage changed his mind about this so I think many others just need to be shocked into seeing what this policy can lead to.

There was a post about wanting to create a viral video. I think if it is raw and shocking enough, this would be a very viral video.

To get at both sides, use the Bush video "If this were a dictatorship, it would be a heck of a lot easier, just so long as I'm the dictator". I'm sure you can find an arrogant clip of Obama wanting to have dictator controls.

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