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Time to shift gears

It's time to shift gears, we're not the underdog anymore. America agrees with us and we need to shatter the illusion we can't win the nomination. We need to destroy these illusions that Ron Paul is going to support someone else, he isn't and he is NOT running third party. He is going to win the Republican nomination. We need an audio track from Ron Paul to make a fundraiser video for the money bomb that answers the questions like this:

New responses to old old old OVER asked questions.

Romney or Perry or any other candidate who would you support?

Lots of people are waking up. America wants freedom and when I win the Republican nomination, my platform is best positioned to not only defeat Obama but more importantly put back in the Whitehouse the philosophy that made America great and do what is right for America not bureaucrats. America, we are going to restore our economy, bring our troops home and restore our constitution.

I am hearing the rheoteric of my platform in other campaigns regarding the Federal Reserve and even Mitt Romney is talking about bringing some troops home. These are new topics for them, and I would have to be convinced that they believed what they said.

Would you consider running third party?

For a long time Republicans moved away from the concept of freedom, free markets individual freedoms and now the party is coming back to these beliefs. I have never wavered, at one point it got so bad that it pushed me out of the Republican party. Not anymore, Republicans agree, the people want the economy run by someone who understands that more goverment bureacracy is not going to make it easier for the economy to recover or for people to start making money again. We need less bureaucracy, less spending and less war.

My platform is popular even though it means hard changes now, it's popular especially among young people because it means a brighter future. I don't receive more donations from the military than all the other republican candidates combined because bringing the troops home is an easy choice, they support me because it is the right choice.

America, will vote for a better future in 2012, and not a future of unsustainable deficits, deteriorating educational programs and sending our young people into far away lands fighting wars that we should no longer be engaged in. Republicans want a better future and so does America.